eBook: Get Ready for 40G ATCA

Consumer demand for bandwidth continues to grow unabated, and the resulting growth in is creating extraordinary demands on the .

In particular, the overwhelming popularity of , and the subsequent delivery of high bandwidth applications, is putting extreme pressure on carriers to deliver more bandwidth in their networks. On wireline connections there has been growing use of content such as , and . Added to this demand now are longer-duration connections such as movie streaming and IPTV. This in turn increases the demand for high bandwidth network coupled with mechanisms to police and charge intelligently for what is provided.

As a well established technology for communications infrastructure implementations, the open standard bladed ® (®) architecture must evolve too, increasing the data processing performance per blade and the bandwidth of the blade’s data path into the system backbone. The technology for creating blades and systems that interact at 40Gbps instead of 10Gbps is just on the edge of entering the market, but there are steps that developers can take now to pave the way for quick and painless system upgrades once that technology arrives.