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Embedded Softwarefrom Micrium
Micrium's vision is to provide the highest-quality embedded software components in industry, in the form of engi...
  • Micrium's world-renowned real-time operating system, the Micrium uC/os-II was the first product to embrace this vision. The company's flagship product, it features the highest-quality source code available for today's embedded market
  • Today, Micrium delivers to the embedded marketplace a full portfolio of embedded software components that complement uC/os-II. A TCP/IP stack, USB device, Host and OnTheGo stack, CAN stack, File System (FS), Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as many other high quality embedded components are now available
  • Micrium has also brought to market the uC/Probe universal embedded systems monitoring tool. This award-winning product enables embedded developers to monitor embedded systems in a live environment allowing them to see the internals of a running embedded application
  • The development process at Micrium enforces strict coding standards, code reviews and clear and concise documentation. This process was instrumental in creating a Validation Suite™ for uC/os-II that provides all documentation necessary to deliver uC/os-II as a pre-certifiable software component for such safety critical systems as avionics RTCA DO-178B and EUROCAE ED-12B; medical FDA 510(k); and IEC 61058 standard for transportation and nuclear systems
  • Micrium's uC/os-II is certified for the highest criticality systems. Even when products under development are not safety critical, the certifications represent proof points that Micrium's uC/os-II is the most robust and reliable RTos available

LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisorfrom Lynx Software Technologies
LynxSecure is an embedded high performance Separation Kernel Hypervisor. LynxSecure provides bare-metal virtuali...
  • Full Guest os Virtualization

Nucleus Kernelfrom Mentor Graphics Corporation
For projects that are time-critical,budget-constrained, and demand a high-quality foundation ...
  • A proven way to jumpstart your development
  • Small footprint and resource-efficiency conserve system resources (memory, cache, CPU cycles, etc.), thus minimizing hardware costs and maximizing system performance
  • Suitable for real-time applications ranging from those that require the predictability of a pacemaker to those demanding the Quality of Service (Qos) of voice applications
  • Nucleus Kernel can easily scale to new demands
  • Core Services: Dynamic task creation and deletion; Application Timers (one and multi-shot timers); Counting Semaphores; Event Flags; Static and dynamic memory allocation

FidelityVCF RT EVCfrom Quantum3D
A COTS tightly integrated, advanced real-time embedded visual computing development and deployment software for ...
  • Pikeos is a powerful paravirtualization real-time operating system based on a state-of-the-art separation microkernel that is optimized for safety-critical and multi-Level secure applications
  • IData Human Machine Interface (HMI) embedded visual computing software toolkits provide an advanced and comprehensive solution for a broad spectrum of safety-critical commercial, military, industrial, and FAA DO-178B Level-A- and ARINC-653-based avionics, vehicle electronics, medical, and other advanced real-time embedded visual computing initiatives
  • Both IData and Pikeos are certifiable for safety-critical use according to ARINC-653 specification: Avionics Application Standard Software Interface, and RTCA DO-178B Level-A Specification: Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
  • Using IData and PIKEos, Level-A criticality data can be simultaneously displayed with Level-D data, each running in a secure partition and insulated from the effects of the other

DIL/NetPC DNP1486-3Vfrom SSV Software Systems GmbH
A starter kit CD-ROM that offers three different operating systems: 1) Datalight ROM-DOS 6.22 (which is also pre...
  • Both Linux versions are offered in binary and in source form on the CD-ROM
  • CD-ROM and user manuals
  • ROM-Dos 6.22 with FLASH file system
  • Embedded RTLinux with source
  • Linux remote login with Telnet

BlueCat Linux 5.4from LynuxWorks, Inc.
An update of LynuxWorks' next-generation embedded Linux operating system ...
  • Supports an updated Linux kernel and a new GNU toolchain
  • Features an updated GNU toolchain, facilitating development and execution of embedded Linux applications
  • Offers the flexibility of open-source software that leverages the Linux model and extends developers' investment by providing a simple path to migrate to real-time, deterministic performance

Colibri Vybrid VF50 & VF61from Toradex
Colibri VF50 and VF61 are the latest additions to the standardized and industry proven Colibri product family. ...

RDM Serverfrom Birdstep Technology, Inc.
The COTS Client/Server Embedded Database with support for both the Network and Relational Database Model ...
  • Highly flexible plug-in model combined with features like data replication, in-memory support, and data encryption
  • Has unique features to ensure real-time transaction processing accessible through both a high performant navigational API as well as industry standard API's such as SQL
  • With a high level data definition language, native support for C arrays and structures, multi-user access with row level locks, fully ACID transaction compliant database core
  • Please read how our embedded database customers like Bloomberg, HP, Lucent, Intermec, Boeing, Johnson and Johnson, and 3Com all entrust their business critical data management to this proven technology.
  • With support for all mainstream and RTos operating systems
  • Has been thoroughly tested and proven in everything from data centers to roughed embedded environments

TI DSP Developer's Kitfrom The MathWorks, Inc.
A developer's kit that eliminates the software gap between DSP algorithm research and implementation on TI DSPs ...
  • Focuses resources on code optimization, test, and analysis, rather than on rewriting DSP algorithms.
  • Kit contains bidirectional links connecting MATLAB with Code Composer Studio IDE and RTDX (Real-time Data Exchange)
  • Amplifies the debugging power of MATLAB, Simulink, and eXpressDSP tools
  • Facilitates analysis and visualization of real-time data
  • Permits automatic execution and testing of Simulink models on TI's most advanced DSP
  • Supports the use of a common set of tools from design specification to prototype implementation
  • Provides a real-time environment for testing design alternatives and optimizing code

OSE Epsilon for Coldfirefrom Enea Embedded Technology
A real-time operating system (RTOS) for Coldfire processor-based embedded systems ...
  • Messages are allocated from the osE memory pool
  • Supports Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Coldfire and Lauterbach Trace32 (debugger only)
  • Supports a sophisticated framework for creating error handlers at the system level
  • Supports processors: MCF 5206, MCF 5206e, MCF 5307, and MCF 5272

Micrium OS and Platform Builderfrom Micrium
Micrium OS is the latest version of Micrium's µC/OS its real-time operating system (RTOS) kernel and relate...
  • Optimized RTos kernel, communication stacks, file system and graphical user interface.
  • Simplifies development by automatically resolving dependencies and configuring startup order once components are selected.
  • Substantially reduces initialization complexity and accelerates time to market.
  • Offers intuitive interfaces and improved debugging and advanced error handling to pinpoint bugs more rapidly.
  • Migration path to Micrium os and the new Platform Builder for licensed customers.

LynxSecurefrom LynuxWorks, Inc.
A separation kernel to meet the needs for the highest level of embedded software security ...
  • Optimal security and safety – operating system supports CC EAL-7 and DO-178B Level A
  • Real time – time-space partitioned RTos for superior determinism and performance
  • Highly scalable – supports Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) and 64-bit addressing for high-end scalability
  • Supports 100 percent binary compatibility for Linux or PosIX-based software application to migrate to a highly robust, secure environment

OS-9 Real-Time Operating Systemfrom Microware LP
  • os-9 and user applications can run completely out of ROM/Flash, leaving RAM dedicated for operating systems or other program use
  • os-9 applications are written as self-contained modules and are not linked in as a single monolithic code base with the kernel
  • os-9â€?s advanced modular architecture offers an enhanced level of security
  • The Microware Hawk development suite includes a highly optimizing C/C++ compiler, a fully customizable development environment, the award-winning CodeWright programmer’s editor, graphical debugging tools, and middleware libraries and solutions

eSOL RTOS Suitefrom eSOL Co., Ltd.
Two realtime OS choices: The eT-Kernel product group, an extension of T-Kernel, and a micro ITRON4.0-compliant r...
  • A new operating system standard for high-end embedded applications
  • Available in five profiles to fit any system size and purpose
  • Multi-Core Edition supports two scheduling modes, true SMP Mode (TSM) and Single Processor Mode (SPM) that provide software developers with a blended multiprocessor RTos
  • PrKERNELv4: a fully preemptive and deterministic multitasking kernel for 32-bit RISC processors, and complies with the micro ITRON 4.0 standard

LynxOSfrom LynuxWorks, Inc.
A real-time embedded operating system that is binary compatible with the BlueCat Linux, enabling users to take a...
  • LynuxWorks also supports traditional UNIX and Java and supports processors from Intel, Motorola, and MIPS
  • Lynxos offers users a choice of software application interfaces, a large number of development tools, scalability and memory efficiency
  • BlueCat Linux and Lynxos share a common API, allowing application programs to be moved with no porting costs

eBox-ii Windows CE .NET 5.0 Jump-start Kitfrom ICOP Technology, Inc.
A software jump-start kit that enables developers to familiarize themselves with Windows CE 5.0 development quic...
  • Average developers can build their first Windows CE image within hours
  • Helps application developer set up an environment to write application for Windows CE 5.0 targeting a real device quickly using managed (Visual C# .NET 2003 or Visual Basic .NET 2003) or unmanaged (Embedded Visual C++ 4.0) code

Reference Designs and Modulesfrom Innovasic Semiconductor
Two new reference designs for the fido 1100 real-time communications controller family ...
  • Printed circuit board modules based on these designs will be available for purchase from Innovasic and third party manufacturers
  • Deterministic real-time response, fail-safe operation, and programmable I/O
  • Prototyping and performance evaluation
  • Two modules are available, one for embedded real-time Ethernet and one for embedded control applications

Tiny-LXfrom Advanced Micro Peripherals, Ltd.
Ultra low power, highly integrated embedded PC for rugged applications ...
  • The Tiny-LX is fully compatible with Windows-XP/CE/XP-Embedded, Linux and a wide range of embedded real time operating systems including VxWorks and QNX Neutrino
  • Integrated audio codec with stereo inputs and outputs

REDICE-Linux from REDSonic, Inc.
A real-time Linux kernel that combines hard real-time scheduling and a preemptive kernel with the ultra low late...
  • Supports Linux 2.4x and 2.2x kernels
  • High resolution microsecond timer
  • Compatible with standard Linux applications
  • Dynamic performance refinement and assurance

SPx Scan Conversionfrom Cambridge Pixel
Radar Scan Conversion (PPI and A-Scan) using Windows and Linux ...
  • Low cost, high-performance solutions
  • PPI and A-Scan display formats at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
  • Allows underlay and overlay graphics using advanced software-based rendering

Xilinx ISE Design Suite 11from XILINX, Inc.
Logic, system, embedded and DSP domain-specific solutions ...
  • PlanAhead™ Design Analysis tool for optimizing performance
  • ChipScope™ Pro Analyzer and Serial IO Toolkit for real-time debug and verification
  • System Generator for DSP for developing high-performance DSP systems using MathWorks products
  • Platform Studio Design Suite and EDK for embedded design tools
  • MicroBlaze™ soft core, IP, software, and third-party interfaces
  • FLEXnet floating and node-locked license options

eXtremeDB HAfrom McObject
eXtremeDB High Availability (HA) provides fault-tolerant data management for military/aerospace systems via depl...
  • A rugged, time-cognizant two-phase commit protocol ensures changes to the main instance database and identical standby instances succeed or fail together
  • Enables eXtremeDB real-time in-memory embedded database to survive hardware and software failure without data loss
  • Communication media and protocols independent
  • Easy-to-use C and C++ API

XPe Starter Kitfrom Hitex Development Tools
A Starter Kit aimed at developers of small-footprint embedded PC systems ...
  • A low cost PC/104 processor board that enables embedded developers to build a custom XP environment with features tailored to their specific application
  • Ready-to-run Windows XP Embedded image from Microsoft and a set of development tools for configuring the Windows XPe Image
  • Windows XPe: based on the same binaries as Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows
  • Cool EcoRunner PC/104 processor module from Lippert features a Pentium class CPU running at 300 MHz with VGA, TFT, LCD, USB, and dual Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-T interfaces
  • Comes complete with power supply, cable set, manuals, and full instructions including a "Get-you-going" tutorial
  • Two versions are available, and XPe Run Time licenses are available from Hitex

Gedae 4.5 Software from GEDAE
A software development tool for DSP and FPGA prototyping and implementation ...
  • Simplifies DSP and FPGA software prototyping and Implementation
  • Reduces time to market and cuts life-cycle costs
  • Provides results that rival hand-coded quality
  • Versatile enough for all aspects of DSP and FPGA development
  • Eliminates complex and costly interfaces between tools
  • Reduces inefficiencies caused by mixed development methodologies
  • Supports applications such as radar, sonar, imaging, radio, and electro-optics

Rapide++from Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH
Rapide is Applied Informatics' integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded Linux application developme...
  • Based on Eclipse CDT Eclipse is the open source industry standard IDE for embedded and enterprise software development
  • Available for Windows and Linux
  • developers can work in their favorite operating system and application environment
  • Cross-compiling with GCC toolchain, even under Windows
  • Automatic discovery of development boards connected via Ethernet (TCP/IP) no need to configure IP addresses manually — plug-and-play development
  • A variety of target tools: terminal, filesystem browser, editor, system viewer, process and thread viewer, etc. all important development tools are readily available at your finger tips
  • Less than five minutes from connecting the development board to the first running application with built-in web server

SBC GX1 Development Kitfrom Arcom Control Systems, Inc.
Development Kit for Microsoft Windows XP Embedded ...
  • Support for .NET framework v1.1
  • Windows XP Embedded drivers for onboard I/O, network, and audio
  • Windows XP Embedded drivers for Arcom PC/104 expansion modules
  • 300 MHz AMD Geode based SBC-GX1
  • System recovery and update facility
  • Microsoft Target Designer Evaluation Edition (DVD)

ARINC 653 compliantfrom Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
RTI Data Distribution Service middleware paired with Wind River's VxWorks 653 real-time operating system provide...
  • This first combination of DDS-compliant middleware with an ARINC 653 compliant RTos dramatically reduces the time and cost required to develop and integrate distributed avionics software
  • The combined solution also drives down lifecycle costs by supporting standards-compliant programming interfaces and protocols, eliminating the pitfalls inherent in traditional proprietary solutions

ObjectAda Real-Time 8.4 for Windowsfrom Atego
Designed for use with Intel x86 Pentium architectures and Wind River's VxWorks RTOS ...
  • Command-line or standard graphical interface

idea6410 boardfrom Boardcon Embedded Design
Compact full-featured Embedded Single Board Computer (SBC) based upon Samsung ARM11 S3C6410, designed specifical...
  • Similar to the latest generation of Pocket PC's and smartphones
  • Allows easy embedded application development through PC-Compatible tools and methods, while ensuring in-field reliability and ruggedness for end-user systems
  • Runs without fans or heat sinks in the temperature range of -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Other chip-level features include 4 UARTs, SPI, I2C, a real-time clock with a separate power domain, and Nand Flash and DDR memory controllers
  • These features make the devices particularly suitable for automotive and industrial control applications as well as medical systems. In addition to Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Linux2.6 support,ready-to-run android and Ubuntu are available from Boardcon
  • Improved interference safety achieved through multi-layer PCB technology and dedicated ground pins

Reliance TM 2.1from Datalight
A reliable file system for embedded systems ...
  • Maintains data and directory structure integrity through power loss or system crash
  • Works with Flash, hard disks, and other embedded media and several operating systems, including Windows CE .NET, VxWorks, Nucleus, Dos, iTRON, and ThreadX

MicroRTOSfrom Xecom, Inc.
A real-time x86-based operating system with integrated web server ...
  • Integrated preemptive real-time kernel
  • Communication and data sharing between the system, user developed tasks, application CGI programs and Java applets
  • Console A and B system tasks support user/developer local access through two RS-232 ports
  • System calls for controlling digital and analog I/O's and real-time clock
  • A user account/password setup and management capability
  • Web server and user application task AUTO-RUN mechanism

KAMIO-2701,XScalefrom IEI Technology USA Corp.
Intel XScale PXA270 520 MHz RISC-based embedded SBC with 128 MB CompactFlash memory card and built-in Windows CE...
  • Built-in DF14-20F 18-bit single channel LVDS interface and touch controller
  • PC-style peripherals including Ethernet ports, serial ports, USB ports, CompactFlash memory, and audio
  • Ethernet:10/100 Mbps x 2, serial port: RS-232x1/RS-485x1, USB host x 2
  • Powered by popular open Windows CE .NET embedded hard real-time operating system with rich Windows-based functions and services

RTDSfrom PragmaDev
Real Time Developer Studio is a graphical modeling tool for the development of embedded software. ...

SCORE 2.7from DDC-I, Inc.
A mixed-language, object-oriented IDE for developing and deploying safety-critical applications ...
  • Enhanced safety for compiler and runtime multi-threading
  • Runtime support for the VxWorks real-time os and RTX Windows real-time extensions
  • Support for the latest version of Vector Software's VectorCAST test tools

Secure Real-time Transport Protocol from Unicoi Systems, Inc
  • Use of Fusion SRTP is optional to utilization of Fusion RTP; but even if SRTP is used, all provided features can be individually enabled or disabled
  • Fusion Embedded SRTP provides encryption, message authentication and integrity, along with replay protection for the data being streamed by Fusion RTP in both unicast and multicast applications
  • Fusion RTP data encryption is especially important for securely transmitting audio and video data in business, banking, and national security, across the Internet or a walled-garden environment
  • Fusion Embedded SRTP is compliant with RFC 3711 to ensure a suitable protection scheme for RTP/RTCP in both wired and wireless scenarios
  • As a profile of RTP, this protocol delivers confidentiality, message authentication, and replay protection to RTP traffic

LFG4-PE1from Active Silicon Limited
A PCI Express form factor frame grabber ...
  • Simultaneous real-time acquisition from four composite/monochrome/S-Video sources
  • Royalty-free JPEG, MJPEG, and Wavelet compression

CCII FDDI PC104+from Communications Computer Intelligence Integration
Provides dual-redundant communication links over fibre and is ideally suited to real-time embedded platforms ...
  • Uses the AMD Supernet 3 FDDI chipset as communication controller and offers dual attached (DAS) or single attached (SAS) I/O options
  • Available in three air-cooled grades: ruggedized (-40 ºC to +85 ºC), industrial (-15 ºC to +75 ºC), and commercial (0 ºC to +55 ºC)
  • Ruggedized version is ideally suited for environments with high temperature, shock, and vibration levels
  • Interfaces to 32-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI-bus and complies with PCI-104 Version 1.0 specification
  • Various software drivers offered including for VxWorks, Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 operating systems as standard (others optional)

CCII FDDI/CDDI PCI-104from Communications Computer Intelligence Integration
Provides dual-redundant communication links over fibre/copper ...
  • Available in three air-cooled grades: ruggedized (-40 ˚C to +85 ˚C), industrial (-15 ˚C to +75 ˚C), and commercial (0 ˚C to +55 ˚C)
  • Ruggedized version is ideally suited for environments with high temperature, shock, and vibration levels
  • Interfaces to 32-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI-bus and complies with PCI-104 version 1.0 specification
  • Various software drivers offered for VxWorks, Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 operating systems as standard; others optional.

QP Reactive Platformfrom Quantum Leaps
QP is a family of lightweight software frameworks and supporting tools for deeply embedded, real-time and IoT ap...
  • Modern, reusable architecture based on active objects (actors) and hierarchical state machines
  • Free, graphical QMâ„¢ modeling tool for designing UML statecharts and automatic code generation based on QPâ„¢ frameworks

Single Board RIO-96xxfrom National Instruments
Integrated real-time controller, reconfigurable FPGA, and I/O on a single board ...
  • Low-cost setup for high-volume OEM application
  • RS-232 serial port for peripheral devices
  • Low power consumption with single 19 to 30 VDC power supply input: LabVIEW development Software; LabVIEW Real-Time; and LabVIEW FPGA

Embedded Solutionsfrom Avnet Memec
Supports both the Linux and Windows Embedded platforms enabling engineers to get the maximum performance ...
  • Our team of locally deployed, factory trained and certified Field Applications Engineers can assist in helping select and implement the right operating system for an application Franchised Operating System Vendors: Microsoft MontaVista

Web Front Panelfrom Mosaic Industries
Mosaic Industries Inc has introduced a new browser-based User Interface (UI), the Web Front Panel, which allows ...
  • Allows use of any standard web browser
  • Compatible with Apples ios, android, and Windows

VCSBC F Seriesfrom Vision Components
VC SBC F series are designed for use in intelligent transportation systems, e.g. for automatic license plate rec...

C EXECUTIVEfrom JMI Software Systems, Inc.
A real-time, multi-tasking, ROMable kernel for embedded systems ...
  • Available for 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit CISC processors, a wide variety of RISC processors, and DSP
  • Provides fast context switching, small kernel size, and support for over 20 processors
  • Optional Dos-compatible file system, TCP/IP, and SNMP are available
  • PSX provides an optional subset of PosIX.1 system calls

deviceCOMfrom Intrinsyc Software
Software used for integrating embedded Internet or PC devices together or to enterprise networks ...
  • Configurable timeouts, automated network interruption recovery, and automated clean-up after failure

Embedded Development Kit (EDK)from XILINX, Inc.
A software development kit for embedded programmable systems design - Supports Windows, Linux and Solaris enviro...
  • Includes award winning Platform Studio tool suite, processing IP Library, and award winning MicroBlaze soft processor core license - Time limited evaluation versions of Xilinx and third-party partner tools

PXI-C429-4/8/16/32from Avionics Interface Technologies
Four, Eight, 16, or 32 Software Programmable Tx/Rx Channels ...
  • PXI Interrupts, Star Trigger, and PXI Clock
  • Full Error Injection and Detection
  • Label Selective Trigger for Capture/Filtering
  • Real-Time Recording & Post Analysis of Multiple Channels

e-micrOSfrom Accelent Systems Inc.
Middleware software sitting between the operating system and microprocessor including the accelBIOS core, accelT...
  • The core software and associated tools provide the custom boot loaders, OAL's, and device drivers that allow OEM hardware to communicate with the operating system

Message-Oriented Middlewarefrom Dot21 Real-Time Systems, Inc.
A software development tool for embedded systems ...
  • Enables easy multiprocessing across various interconnect technologies such as VMEbus, Ethernet, and CompactPCI

eVM for Windows from TenAsys Corporation
Embedded Virtualization Manager ...
  • Lowers your total systems costs by consolidating CPU subsystems into one main system
  • Preserves your proven applications and legacy os software without modifications
  • Lets you dedicate one Windows 7, Vista and XP instance across any number of cores without compromising features or performance
  • Installs easily – systems can be integrated and running in a matter of minutes

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