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Embedded Softwarefrom Micrium
Micrium's vision is to provide the highest-quality embedded software components in industry, in the form of engi...
  • Micrium's world-renowned real-time operating system, the Micrium uC/os-II was the first product to embrace this vision. The company's flagship product, it features the highest-quality source code available for today's embedded market
  • Today, Micrium delivers to the embedded marketplace a full portfolio of embedded software components that complement uC/os-II. A TCP/IP stack, USB device, Host and OnTheGo stack, CAN stack, File System (FS), Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as many other high quality embedded components are now available
  • Micrium has also brought to market the uC/Probe universal embedded systems monitoring tool. This award-winning product enables embedded developers to monitor embedded systems in a live environment allowing them to see the internals of a running embedded application
  • The development process at Micrium enforces strict coding standards, code reviews and clear and concise documentation. This process was instrumental in creating a Validation Suite™ for uC/os-II that provides all documentation necessary to deliver uC/os-II as a pre-certifiable software component for such safety critical systems as avionics RTCA DO-178B and EUROCAE ED-12B; medical FDA 510(k); and IEC 61058 standard for transportation and nuclear systems
  • Micrium's uC/os-II is certified for the highest criticality systems. Even when products under development are not safety critical, the certifications represent proof points that Micrium's uC/os-II is the most robust and reliable RTos available

LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisorfrom Lynx Software Technologies
LynxSecure is an embedded high performance Separation Kernel Hypervisor. LynxSecure provides bare-metal virtuali...
  • Full Guest os Virtualization

Nucleus Kernelfrom Mentor Graphics Corporation
For projects that are time-critical,budget-constrained, and demand a high-quality foundation ...
  • A proven way to jumpstart your development
  • Small footprint and resource-efficiency conserve system resources (memory, cache, CPU cycles, etc.), thus minimizing hardware costs and maximizing system performance
  • Suitable for real-time applications ranging from those that require the predictability of a pacemaker to those demanding the Quality of Service (Qos) of voice applications
  • Nucleus Kernel can easily scale to new demands
  • Core Services: Dynamic task creation and deletion; Application Timers (one and multi-shot timers); Counting Semaphores; Event Flags; Static and dynamic memory allocation

FidelityVCF RT EVCfrom Quantum3D
A COTS tightly integrated, advanced real-time embedded visual computing development and deployment software for ...
  • Pikeos is a powerful paravirtualization real-time operating system based on a state-of-the-art separation microkernel that is optimized for safety-critical and multi-Level secure applications
  • IData Human Machine Interface (HMI) embedded visual computing software toolkits provide an advanced and comprehensive solution for a broad spectrum of safety-critical commercial, military, industrial, and FAA DO-178B Level-A- and ARINC-653-based avionics, vehicle electronics, medical, and other advanced real-time embedded visual computing initiatives
  • Both IData and Pikeos are certifiable for safety-critical use according to ARINC-653 specification: Avionics Application Standard Software Interface, and RTCA DO-178B Level-A Specification: Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
  • Using IData and PIKEos, Level-A criticality data can be simultaneously displayed with Level-D data, each running in a secure partition and insulated from the effects of the other

RDM Embeddedfrom Birdstep Technology, Inc.
RDM Embedded is a high-performance, real-time, small footprint embedded database library successfully deployed i...
  • Highly optimized COTS database engine, with support for both disk based and in-memory tables
  • Designed to meet today's complex interconnected devices and applications
  • Supporting extremely high transactions rates, this embedded database engine pioneered the embedded database space in 1984 and has over time added complex functionality like data replication, data mirroring, and other fault tolerant functions to support today's carrier grade applications
  • With a high level data definition language, native support for C arrays and structures, multi-user access, fully ACID transaction compliant database core
  • Please read how our embedded database customers like Bloomberg, HP, Lucent, Intermec, Boeing, Johnson and Johnson and 3Com all entrust their business critical data management to this proven technology
  • With support for all mainstream and RTos operating systems RDM Embedded has been thoroughly tested and proven in everything from data centers to roughed embedded environments

BlueCat Linux 5.4from LynuxWorks, Inc.
An update of LynuxWorks' next-generation embedded Linux operating system ...
  • Supports an updated Linux kernel and a new GNU toolchain
  • Features an updated GNU toolchain, facilitating development and execution of embedded Linux applications
  • Offers the flexibility of open-source software that leverages the Linux model and extends developers' investment by providing a simple path to migrate to real-time, deterministic performance

Colibri Vybrid VF50 & VF61from Toradex
Colibri VF50 and VF61 are the latest additions to the standardized and industry proven Colibri product family. ...

RDM Serverfrom Birdstep Technology, Inc.
The COTS Client/Server Embedded Database with support for both the Network and Relational Database Model ...
  • Highly flexible plug-in model combined with features like data replication, in-memory support, and data encryption
  • Has unique features to ensure real-time transaction processing accessible through both a high performant navigational API as well as industry standard API's such as SQL
  • With a high level data definition language, native support for C arrays and structures, multi-user access with row level locks, fully ACID transaction compliant database core
  • Please read how our embedded database customers like Bloomberg, HP, Lucent, Intermec, Boeing, Johnson and Johnson, and 3Com all entrust their business critical data management to this proven technology.
  • With support for all mainstream and RTos operating systems
  • Has been thoroughly tested and proven in everything from data centers to roughed embedded environments

TI DSP Developer's Kitfrom The MathWorks, Inc.
A developer's kit that eliminates the software gap between DSP algorithm research and implementation on TI DSPs ...
  • Focuses resources on code optimization, test, and analysis, rather than on rewriting DSP algorithms.
  • Kit contains bidirectional links connecting MATLAB with Code Composer Studio IDE and RTDX (Real-time Data Exchange)
  • Amplifies the debugging power of MATLAB, Simulink, and eXpressDSP tools
  • Facilitates analysis and visualization of real-time data
  • Permits automatic execution and testing of Simulink models on TI's most advanced DSP
  • Supports the use of a common set of tools from design specification to prototype implementation
  • Provides a real-time environment for testing design alternatives and optimizing code

OSE Epsilon for Coldfirefrom Enea Embedded Technology
A real-time operating system (RTOS) for Coldfire processor-based embedded systems ...
  • Messages are allocated from the osE memory pool
  • Supports Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Coldfire and Lauterbach Trace32 (debugger only)
  • Supports a sophisticated framework for creating error handlers at the system level
  • Supports processors: MCF 5206, MCF 5206e, MCF 5307, and MCF 5272

Micrium OS and Platform Builderfrom Micrium
Micrium OS is the latest version of Micrium's µC/OS its real-time operating system (RTOS) kernel and relate...
  • Optimized RTos kernel, communication stacks, file system and graphical user interface.
  • Simplifies development by automatically resolving dependencies and configuring startup order once components are selected.
  • Substantially reduces initialization complexity and accelerates time to market.
  • Offers intuitive interfaces and improved debugging and advanced error handling to pinpoint bugs more rapidly.
  • Migration path to Micrium os and the new Platform Builder for licensed customers.

LynxSecurefrom LynuxWorks, Inc.
A separation kernel to meet the needs for the highest level of embedded software security ...
  • Optimal security and safety – operating system supports CC EAL-7 and DO-178B Level A
  • Real time – time-space partitioned RTos for superior determinism and performance
  • Highly scalable – supports Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) and 64-bit addressing for high-end scalability
  • Supports 100 percent binary compatibility for Linux or PosIX-based software application to migrate to a highly robust, secure environment

OS-9 Real-Time Operating Systemfrom Microware LP
  • os-9 and user applications can run completely out of ROM/Flash, leaving RAM dedicated for operating systems or other program use
  • os-9 applications are written as self-contained modules and are not linked in as a single monolithic code base with the kernel
  • os-9â€?s advanced modular architecture offers an enhanced level of security
  • The Microware Hawk development suite includes a highly optimizing C/C++ compiler, a fully customizable development environment, the award-winning CodeWright programmer’s editor, graphical debugging tools, and middleware libraries and solutions

eSOL RTOS Suitefrom eSOL Co., Ltd.
Two realtime OS choices: The eT-Kernel product group, an extension of T-Kernel, and a micro ITRON4.0-compliant r...
  • A new operating system standard for high-end embedded applications
  • Available in five profiles to fit any system size and purpose
  • Multi-Core Edition supports two scheduling modes, true SMP Mode (TSM) and Single Processor Mode (SPM) that provide software developers with a blended multiprocessor RTos
  • PrKERNELv4: a fully preemptive and deterministic multitasking kernel for 32-bit RISC processors, and complies with the micro ITRON 4.0 standard

LynxOSfrom LynuxWorks, Inc.
A real-time embedded operating system that is binary compatible with the BlueCat Linux, enabling users to take a...
  • LynuxWorks also supports traditional UNIX and Java and supports processors from Intel, Motorola, and MIPS
  • Lynxos offers users a choice of software application interfaces, a large number of development tools, scalability and memory efficiency
  • BlueCat Linux and Lynxos share a common API, allowing application programs to be moved with no porting costs

eBox-ii Windows CE .NET 5.0 Jump-start Kitfrom ICOP Technology, Inc.
A software jump-start kit that enables developers to familiarize themselves with Windows CE 5.0 development quic...
  • Average developers can build their first Windows CE image within hours
  • Helps application developer set up an environment to write application for Windows CE 5.0 targeting a real device quickly using managed (Visual C# .NET 2003 or Visual Basic .NET 2003) or unmanaged (Embedded Visual C++ 4.0) code

Reference Designs and Modulesfrom Innovasic Semiconductor
Two new reference designs for the fido 1100 real-time communications controller family ...
  • Printed circuit board modules based on these designs will be available for purchase from Innovasic and third party manufacturers
  • Deterministic real-time response, fail-safe operation, and programmable I/O
  • Prototyping and performance evaluation
  • Two modules are available, one for embedded real-time Ethernet and one for embedded control applications

Tiny-LXfrom Advanced Micro Peripherals, Ltd.
Ultra low power, highly integrated embedded PC for rugged applications ...
  • The Tiny-LX is fully compatible with Windows-XP/CE/XP-Embedded, Linux and a wide range of embedded real time operating systems including VxWorks and QNX Neutrino
  • Integrated audio codec with stereo inputs and outputs

REDICE-Linux from REDSonic, Inc.
A real-time Linux kernel that combines hard real-time scheduling and a preemptive kernel with the ultra low late...
  • Supports Linux 2.4x and 2.2x kernels
  • High resolution microsecond timer
  • Compatible with standard Linux applications
  • Dynamic performance refinement and assurance

SPx Scan Conversionfrom Cambridge Pixel
Radar Scan Conversion (PPI and A-Scan) using Windows and Linux ...
  • Low cost, high-performance solutions
  • PPI and A-Scan display formats at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
  • Allows underlay and overlay graphics using advanced software-based rendering

Xilinx ISE Design Suite 11from XILINX, Inc.
Logic, system, embedded and DSP domain-specific solutions ...
  • PlanAhead™ Design Analysis tool for optimizing performance
  • ChipScope™ Pro Analyzer and Serial IO Toolkit for real-time debug and verification
  • System Generator for DSP for developing high-performance DSP systems using MathWorks products
  • Platform Studio Design Suite and EDK for embedded design tools
  • MicroBlaze™ soft core, IP, software, and third-party interfaces
  • FLEXnet floating and node-locked license options

eXtremeDB HAfrom McObject
eXtremeDB High Availability (HA) provides fault-tolerant data management for military/aerospace systems via depl...
  • A rugged, time-cognizant two-phase commit protocol ensures changes to the main instance database and identical standby instances succeed or fail together
  • Enables eXtremeDB real-time in-memory embedded database to survive hardware and software failure without data loss
  • Communication media and protocols independent
  • Easy-to-use C and C++ API

XPe Starter Kitfrom Hitex Development Tools
A Starter Kit aimed at developers of small-footprint embedded PC systems ...
  • A low cost PC/104 processor board that enables embedded developers to build a custom XP environment with features tailored to their specific application
  • Ready-to-run Windows XP Embedded image from Microsoft and a set of development tools for configuring the Windows XPe Image
  • Windows XPe: based on the same binaries as Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows
  • Cool EcoRunner PC/104 processor module from Lippert features a Pentium class CPU running at 300 MHz with VGA, TFT, LCD, USB, and dual Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-T interfaces
  • Comes complete with power supply, cable set, manuals, and full instructions including a "Get-you-going" tutorial
  • Two versions are available, and XPe Run Time licenses are available from Hitex

Gedae 4.5 Software from GEDAE
A software development tool for DSP and FPGA prototyping and implementation ...
  • Simplifies DSP and FPGA software prototyping and Implementation
  • Reduces time to market and cuts life-cycle costs
  • Provides results that rival hand-coded quality
  • Versatile enough for all aspects of DSP and FPGA development
  • Eliminates complex and costly interfaces between tools
  • Reduces inefficiencies caused by mixed development methodologies
  • Supports applications such as radar, sonar, imaging, radio, and electro-optics

Rapide++from Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH
Rapide is Applied Informatics' integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded Linux application developme...
  • Based on Eclipse CDT Eclipse is the open source industry standard IDE for embedded and enterprise software development
  • Available for Windows and Linux
  • developers can work in their favorite operating system and application environment
  • Cross-compiling with GCC toolchain, even under Windows
  • Automatic discovery of development boards connected via Ethernet (TCP/IP) no need to configure IP addresses manually — plug-and-play development
  • A variety of target tools: terminal, filesystem browser, editor, system viewer, process and thread viewer, etc. all important development tools are readily available at your finger tips
  • Less than five minutes from connecting the development board to the first running application with built-in web server

SBC GX1 Development Kitfrom Arcom Control Systems, Inc.
Development Kit for Microsoft Windows XP Embedded ...
  • Support for .NET framework v1.1
  • Windows XP Embedded drivers for onboard I/O, network, and audio
  • Windows XP Embedded drivers for Arcom PC/104 expansion modules
  • 300 MHz AMD Geode based SBC-GX1
  • System recovery and update facility
  • Microsoft Target Designer Evaluation Edition (DVD)

ARINC 653 compliantfrom Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
RTI Data Distribution Service middleware paired with Wind River's VxWorks 653 real-time operating system provide...
  • This first combination of DDS-compliant middleware with an ARINC 653 compliant RTos dramatically reduces the time and cost required to develop and integrate distributed avionics software
  • The combined solution also drives down lifecycle costs by supporting standards-compliant programming interfaces and protocols, eliminating the pitfalls inherent in traditional proprietary solutions

idea6410 boardfrom Boardcon Embedded Design
Compact full-featured Embedded Single Board Computer (SBC) based upon Samsung ARM11 S3C6410, designed specifical...
  • Similar to the latest generation of Pocket PC's and smartphones
  • Allows easy embedded application development through PC-Compatible tools and methods, while ensuring in-field reliability and ruggedness for end-user systems
  • Runs without fans or heat sinks in the temperature range of -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Other chip-level features include 4 UARTs, SPI, I2C, a real-time clock with a separate power domain, and Nand Flash and DDR memory controllers
  • These features make the devices particularly suitable for automotive and industrial control applications as well as medical systems. In addition to Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Linux2.6 support,ready-to-run android and Ubuntu are available from Boardcon
  • Improved interference safety achieved through multi-layer PCB technology and dedicated ground pins

ObjectAda Real-Time 8.4 for Windowsfrom Atego
Designed for use with Intel x86 Pentium architectures and Wind River's VxWorks RTOS ...
  • Command-line or standard graphical interface

Reliance TM 2.1from Datalight
A reliable file system for embedded systems ...
  • Maintains data and directory structure integrity through power loss or system crash
  • Works with Flash, hard disks, and other embedded media and several operating systems, including Windows CE .NET, VxWorks, Nucleus, Dos, iTRON, and ThreadX

MicroRTOSfrom Xecom, Inc.
A real-time x86-based operating system with integrated web server ...
  • Integrated preemptive real-time kernel
  • Communication and data sharing between the system, user developed tasks, application CGI programs and Java applets
  • Console A and B system tasks support user/developer local access through two RS-232 ports
  • System calls for controlling digital and analog I/O's and real-time clock
  • A user account/password setup and management capability
  • Web server and user application task AUTO-RUN mechanism

KAMIO-2701,XScalefrom IEI Technology USA Corp.
Intel XScale PXA270 520 MHz RISC-based embedded SBC with 128 MB CompactFlash memory card and built-in Windows CE...
  • Built-in DF14-20F 18-bit single channel LVDS interface and touch controller
  • PC-style peripherals including Ethernet ports, serial ports, USB ports, CompactFlash memory, and audio
  • Ethernet:10/100 Mbps x 2, serial port: RS-232x1/RS-485x1, USB host x 2
  • Powered by popular open Windows CE .NET embedded hard real-time operating system with rich Windows-based functions and services

RTDSfrom PragmaDev
Real Time Developer Studio is a graphical modeling tool for the development of embedded software. ...

SCORE 2.7from DDC-I, Inc.
A mixed-language, object-oriented IDE for developing and deploying safety-critical applications ...
  • Enhanced safety for compiler and runtime multi-threading
  • Runtime support for the VxWorks real-time os and RTX Windows real-time extensions
  • Support for the latest version of Vector Software's VectorCAST test tools

Secure Real-time Transport Protocol from Unicoi Systems, Inc
  • Use of Fusion SRTP is optional to utilization of Fusion RTP; but even if SRTP is used, all provided features can be individually enabled or disabled
  • Fusion Embedded SRTP provides encryption, message authentication and integrity, along with replay protection for the data being streamed by Fusion RTP in both unicast and multicast applications
  • Fusion RTP data encryption is especially important for securely transmitting audio and video data in business, banking, and national security, across the Internet or a walled-garden environment
  • Fusion Embedded SRTP is compliant with RFC 3711 to ensure a suitable protection scheme for RTP/RTCP in both wired and wireless scenarios
  • As a profile of RTP, this protocol delivers confidentiality, message authentication, and replay protection to RTP traffic

LFG4-PE1from Active Silicon Limited
A PCI Express form factor frame grabber ...
  • Simultaneous real-time acquisition from four composite/monochrome/S-Video sources
  • Royalty-free JPEG, MJPEG, and Wavelet compression

CCII FDDI PC104+from Communications Computer Intelligence Integration
Provides dual-redundant communication links over fibre and is ideally suited to real-time embedded platforms ...
  • Uses the AMD Supernet 3 FDDI chipset as communication controller and offers dual attached (DAS) or single attached (SAS) I/O options
  • Available in three air-cooled grades: ruggedized (-40 ºC to +85 ºC), industrial (-15 ºC to +75 ºC), and commercial (0 ºC to +55 ºC)
  • Ruggedized version is ideally suited for environments with high temperature, shock, and vibration levels
  • Interfaces to 32-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI-bus and complies with PCI-104 Version 1.0 specification
  • Various software drivers offered including for VxWorks, Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 operating systems as standard (others optional)

CCII FDDI/CDDI PCI-104from Communications Computer Intelligence Integration
Provides dual-redundant communication links over fibre/copper ...
  • Available in three air-cooled grades: ruggedized (-40 ˚C to +85 ˚C), industrial (-15 ˚C to +75 ˚C), and commercial (0 ˚C to +55 ˚C)
  • Ruggedized version is ideally suited for environments with high temperature, shock, and vibration levels
  • Interfaces to 32-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI-bus and complies with PCI-104 version 1.0 specification
  • Various software drivers offered for VxWorks, Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 operating systems as standard; others optional.

QP Reactive Platformfrom Quantum Leaps
QP is a family of lightweight software frameworks and supporting tools for deeply embedded, real-time and IoT ap...
  • Modern, reusable architecture based on active objects (actors) and hierarchical state machines
  • Free, graphical QMâ„¢ modeling tool for designing UML statecharts and automatic code generation based on QPâ„¢ frameworks

Single Board RIO-96xxfrom National Instruments
Integrated real-time controller, reconfigurable FPGA, and I/O on a single board ...
  • Low-cost setup for high-volume OEM application
  • RS-232 serial port for peripheral devices
  • Low power consumption with single 19 to 30 VDC power supply input: LabVIEW development Software; LabVIEW Real-Time; and LabVIEW FPGA

Embedded Solutionsfrom Avnet Memec
Supports both the Linux and Windows Embedded platforms enabling engineers to get the maximum performance ...
  • Our team of locally deployed, factory trained and certified Field Applications Engineers can assist in helping select and implement the right operating system for an application Franchised Operating System Vendors: Microsoft MontaVista

Web Front Panelfrom Mosaic Industries
Mosaic Industries Inc has introduced a new browser-based User Interface (UI), the Web Front Panel, which allows ...
  • Allows use of any standard web browser
  • Compatible with Apples ios, android, and Windows

VCSBC F Seriesfrom Vision Components
VC SBC F series are designed for use in intelligent transportation systems, e.g. for automatic license plate rec...

C EXECUTIVEfrom JMI Software Systems, Inc.
A real-time, multi-tasking, ROMable kernel for embedded systems ...
  • Available for 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit CISC processors, a wide variety of RISC processors, and DSP
  • Provides fast context switching, small kernel size, and support for over 20 processors
  • Optional Dos-compatible file system, TCP/IP, and SNMP are available
  • PSX provides an optional subset of PosIX.1 system calls

deviceCOMfrom Intrinsyc Software
Software used for integrating embedded Internet or PC devices together or to enterprise networks ...
  • Configurable timeouts, automated network interruption recovery, and automated clean-up after failure

Embedded Development Kit (EDK)from XILINX, Inc.
A software development kit for embedded programmable systems design - Supports Windows, Linux and Solaris enviro...
  • Includes award winning Platform Studio tool suite, processing IP Library, and award winning MicroBlaze soft processor core license - Time limited evaluation versions of Xilinx and third-party partner tools

PXI-C429-4/8/16/32from Avionics Interface Technologies
Four, Eight, 16, or 32 Software Programmable Tx/Rx Channels ...
  • PXI Interrupts, Star Trigger, and PXI Clock
  • Full Error Injection and Detection
  • Label Selective Trigger for Capture/Filtering
  • Real-Time Recording & Post Analysis of Multiple Channels

e-micrOSfrom Accelent Systems Inc.
Middleware software sitting between the operating system and microprocessor including the accelBIOS core, accelT...
  • The core software and associated tools provide the custom boot loaders, OAL's, and device drivers that allow OEM hardware to communicate with the operating system

Message-Oriented Middlewarefrom Dot21 Real-Time Systems, Inc.
A software development tool for embedded systems ...
  • Enables easy multiprocessing across various interconnect technologies such as VMEbus, Ethernet, and CompactPCI

eVM for Windows from TenAsys Corporation
Embedded Virtualization Manager ...
  • Lowers your total systems costs by consolidating CPU subsystems into one main system
  • Preserves your proven applications and legacy os software without modifications
  • Lets you dedicate one Windows 7, Vista and XP instance across any number of cores without compromising features or performance
  • Installs easily – systems can be integrated and running in a matter of minutes

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