Virtual switch acceleration software enhancements released by 6WIND

PARIS. 6WIND has announced extensions to the 6WINDGate acceleration software that provide virtual switch performance improvements of 10x. The updated capabilities address virtual switch scalability challenges facing service providers by increasing the virtual machine density per server and reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

6WINDGate networking software operates similarly to Network Function Virtualization (NFV) within networks, implementing virtualized applications on standardized blades within settings such as the telecom data center. The virtual switch acceleration delivered by 6WINDGate operates transparently to applications, and is compatible with the OpenFlow protocol used increasingly in NFV and cloud networks. Further, applications do not need to be reverified or recompiled to work with the 6WINDGate software.

“While retaining full compatibility with standard virtual switch software such as Open vSwitch, 6WINDGate provides an optimized data plane solution that delivers more than a 10x acceleration for the baseline switching functions,” says 6WIND CEO Eric Carmès.  At the same time, it delivers high performance for secure tunneling protocols such as IPsec, GRE, NVGRE, VLAN and VxLAN. This enables service providers to achieve significant CAPEX and OPEX improvements which are not possible without data plane acceleration.”

A demonstration of the 6WINDGate solution will be held in partnership with Ixia and Big Switch Networks in booth #401 at the Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara, CA from April 15-17. The demonstration will feature a standard opn-source Open vSwitch (OVS) accelerated by 6WINDGate software to achieve switching rates of 60 Mpps.

“6WIND is addressing a unique challenge by increasing the performance of a virtual switch, reducing the performance trade-off of a software based switch,” says Michael Haugh, Sr. Manager Market Development at Ixia.

More information on 6WINDGate networking software is available at More on the Open Networking Summit can be found at