Verotec intelligent 19” 1U slimline fan trays

New versions of Verotec’s intelligent and standard fan trays offer increased airflow and reduced noise, as well as PSU and software enhancements that have extended the intelligent fan tray operating temperature to 70ºC. Designed for localized cooling of 19” rackmount equipment, the 1U fan trays are available with three fans at 250 mm depth or six fans at 350 mm depth.

A computer-optimized aperture pattern provides a 75 percent increase in the open area of the protective guard of each fan, lowering noise and increasing airflow while maintaining integrity of the components’ mechanical protection. Each 48 V 170 m3/h DC intelligent fan operates at half speed up to 35ºC, with performance increasing linearly to 55ºC, and is available with autoranging AC and single or double -48 V DC power inputs. At temperatures exceeding 71ºC, all fans operate at full capacity and an overheat alarm is activated, in addition to thermal sensor fail warnings.

Standard units include 12, 24, or 48 VDC or 115 or 230 VAC fans, with the option for replaceable filters and monitored trays also available. 115 VAC fans are rated at 180 m3/h with 230 VAC fan at 160 m3/h, with remote changeover contacts and local audible and visual warnings.