VadaTech ships cost-optimized MicroTCA application server platform

LAS VEGAS. VadaTech has begun shipments of a MicroTCA chassis for application server platforms. Intended for use as a cloud computing platform, the MicroTCA architecture is engineered for thermal performance and is equipped with the ScorpionWare system manager, an intuitive GUI for managing deployed systems.

Implemented with VadaTech’s modular infrastructure products, the 2U MicroTCA chassis allows integration of field-proven software for platform management and remote monitoring functions.

“The cost metrics applying in the data center, where rack space is a premium, led us to come up with a radical design approach,” says Saeed Karamooz, Founder and CEO, VadaTech, Inc. “The result puts the MicroTCA architecture into a 2U-high chassis capable of housing over 40 multicore processors and dissipating over 1000 W.”

Due to ship in monthly quantities of 1,000, the MicroTCA chassis is cost-optimized and suited for high-volume deployment in communications and data centers.

“It is fortunate that we are already expanding our production capacity, since demand for this unit is significantly higher than for more traditional configurations,” Karamooz adds.

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