VadaTech Leads Market with Fully Manageable MicroTCA Carrier Hub

The VadaTech UTC001 is the most comprehensive MicroTCA Carrier Hub for the µTCA chassis on the market.

The VadaTech UTC001 is the most comprehensive MicroTCA Carrier Hub for the µTCA chassis on the market. In accordance with µTCA standards, the UTC001 uniquely uses a coordination of Telecomm, GPS and Fabric clocks to meet evolving demands ranging from wireless infrastructure to high speed A/D.

The UTC001 supports all switch fabrics in managed mode (GbE, 10GbE, SAS, PCIe, and SRIO), and is the only MCH on the market that provides rich features such as complete fail-over across dual UTC001 modules within the chassis. According to both ATCA and MicroTCA standards, the UTC001 is expandable across its fabric ports and has the ability to seamlessly reach across multiple chassis.

The MicroTCA Carrier Management Controller (MCMC) manages the power modules, two Cooling Units and the 12 AdvancedTCA Mezzanine Card’s (AMC) within the chassis. The UTC001 runs Linux 2.6 on its MCMC CPU and is hotswappable. VadaTech’s in-house Carrier Manager also features a dual-redundant boot system, ensuring fail-safe upgrades and an automatic switch to a back-up system in the event of failure. VadaTech has implemented the newest Intelligent Platform Management Interface, IPMI version 2.0, defining a set of common interfaces that allow for increased manageability. The system is downwardly compatible with IPMI version 1.5.

The UTC001 Shelf Manager interface combines Command Line Interface (CLI), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Hardware Platform Interface (HPI), and Web based management, overpowering competition that operates solely in a single-mode system.By providing completely customizable ordering options, VadaTech has the ability to build the UTC001 to meet individual customer needs. Basic configuration single-piece pricing starts at $1,200.

About Vadatech

VadaTech is a board level design and manufacturing company focused on quick-turn designs for the embedded market. We dedicate ourselves to introducing leading edge technology for the most demanding applications, and we differentiate ourselves with our extraordinary capability to rapidly create new designs in response to complex customer requirements. Our continued service to the aerospace and telecommunications markets results in a rapidly growing product line including solutions for processing, communication, storage, and platform interoperability. We offer products in a diverse range of form factors, including:

• Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA/ATCA)

• MicroTCA

• Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC/AMC)

• Compact PCI Express (cPCIe)

• VMEbus Switched Serial (VXS)


• Custom form factors

Our products are developed based on the needs of our customers, and our multiple design wins and rapidly expanding product line-up are a testament to our capability to fulfill those needs. For more information about VadaTech, its products and services, visit our website at