VadaTech Introduces AMC220 Dual-Port Packet Processor

Support for advanced MPC8640 and MPC8640D as well as MPC8641, MPC8641D processors

The VadaTech AMC220 is a packet processor for Dual10-Gigabit Ethernet AMCs based on the AMC.1 specification. This two-port module is offered in a mid-height form factor with the option to order the full-height design.

Pre-configured as a TCP Offload Engine, this AMC provides socket layer services to a Cavium OCTEON CN56xx/CN57xx Multi-Core processor, and can be loaded either by a four-lane PCIe interface or optional flash memory. This host processor enables the AMC220 to process Ethernet packets at line rate while reducing the overhead associated with new standards for packet processing on embedded CPUs.

The AMC220 has options for six to twelve processor cores and is available from 600Mhz to 1Ghz speed grades. Compliance with the newest IPMI version 2.0 allows for manageability that is independent of the operating system, which is supported by Linux, Windows, Solaris and VxWorks.

The two RJ-45 micro USB connectors for both USB and RS-232 are located on the front panel of the AMC alongside two SFP+ connectors. The AMC220 is hot-swappable with an ejector handle that is also located on the front panel, allowing for mechanical configuration of the module.

VadaTech provides its customers with specific ordering options to meet individual product needs and performance requirements. The basic configuration pricing of the AMC220 starts around $2000.

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