TitanMIMO 5G Massive MIMO testbed

Nutaq, a global provider of integrated hardware and software solutions for advanced wireless development, announced today the launch of its TitanMIMO 5G Massive MIMO testbed.

“5G developers focused on prototyping solutions which will exploit the benefits of the massive effect have been significantly limited by the ability of the testbed hardware to handle the full complement of 100x100 RF signals in real-time, in one common processor engine. Our goal in creating the TitanMIMO testbed was to successfully overcome these limitations, which in large part meant eliminating the source of fixed backplane data bottlenecks,” said Martin Turgeon, Product Leader at Nutaq.

“Using our new advanced wireless testbed, Massive MIMO developers can now work on the entire suite of real-time, wideband 5G waveforms without experiencing restrictions in bandwidth or processing power”, he continued.

“Today’s launch of the TitanMIMO 5G Massive MIMO testbed represents a significant milestone in helping to investigate the potential benefits to be realized by the use of massive antenna arrays for 5G communications. Our testbed will allow developers to rapidly design, test, and iteratively improve their proposed 5G solutions, ultimately helping us achieve our common goal of a highly connected society”, stated Francis Letourneau, VP Sales at Nutaq.

For more information on Nutaq’s TitanMIMO-4 5G Massive MIMO testbed, please visit nutaq.com/en/products/titanmimo-4.

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