Spectrum crunch to hamper commercial mobile broadband access by 2013

WASHINGTON, August 28 - The "Growing Demand for Wireless Spectrum" infographic from Mobile Future contrasts the small percentage of available airwaves with the booming mobile demand for mobile. With the recent spectrum allocation of 409.5 MHz for commercial wireless services by the U.S. government and the optimum commercial wireless broadband waves sitting between 400 MHz and 3 GHz, 330 million wireless subscriptions are left to occupy less than 16 percent of the best suited mobile broadband airwaves. This indicates near-capacity mobile networks in need of more spectrum for wireless connectivity, as nearly 85 percent of this high-speed spectrum is occupied by television broadcasters and government agencies.

Despite annual order of magnitude increases in data traffic and FCC predictions that mobile data demand will exceed spectrum availability by 2013, spectrum allocation has lagged. An infographic of the current state of the spectrum crunch can be viewed at http://mftr.org/Rh1IFw.