SP Devices to Develop Signals Solution for Saab's Carabas Radar

SP Devices\' SDR14 - combined digitizer and signal generator.
SP Devices\' SDR14 - combined digitizer and signal generator.

This new project follows several previous orders in the field of advanced radar and LIDAR for SP Devices.

Conventional airborne surveillance techniques, including electro-optical sensors and microwave radars, cannot detect targets hidden beneath foliage or camouflage netting.

However, the Carabas radar provides unparalleled foliage and camouflage penetration (FOPEN) performance assuring state-of-the-art complete ground situation detection capabilities that meet the most demanding requirements.

“This new data recording and signal generation system opens up for new ground breaking development of the recognized Carabas radar system” says Hans Hellsten, developer of Carabas at Business Area Electronic Defence Systems, Saab.

SP Devices was awarded this advanced project to develop the central data acquisition system including real-time data recording for Carabas. The data acquisition is based on several SP Devices high-speed Compact PCI Express digitizers (SDR14). The high-speed SSD (Solid State Disc) recording system is optimized for recording the radar data from the digitizers. The transmission is enabled by the SDR14’s standard embedded arbitrary wave form generator. Other required advanced features are channel synchronization and image processing capacity. All electronics are integrated into a custom built enclosure to meet the tough environmental requirements.

“SP Devices digitizer technology is quickly becoming necessary for advanced signal processing in radar applications. We are glad to provide added value to such a prestigious customer as Saab”, said Tomas Wolf, CEO of SP Devices.

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