SANBlaze adds 10G ATCA Switch product line from Diversified Technology, Inc. to its product portfolio

SANBlaze's purchase of the ATCA switch product line from DTI ensures continued support for the switch family and provides SANBlaze customers with additional solutions for ATCA deployments.

Littleton, MA, August 15, 2012 – SANBlaze Technology, Inc. announced it has completed the acquisition of the Diversified Technology Inc. (DTI) AdvancedTCA 10G switch product family. The asset acquisition ensures existing customers continuity in product availability and strengthens SANBlaze’s position as a leading supplier of AdvancedTCA storage, compute and network elements as well as complete integrated solutions. Fielded integrated solutions containing DTI Switch and ancillary products will maintain qualifications with no supply disruption.

The acquisition is rooted in a long term technical and sales partnership which has culminated in a highly collaborative transition between the two companies’ management and engineering teams.

“Integrating the DTI ATCA switch line into our existing set of products and services signifies our next step in meeting our goal of providing greater value to our customers and continued commitment to the xTCA market. xTCA is a proven set of Open Standards that allows us to support mission critical, scalable, embedded computing applications across a broad set of markets” said Steve Munroe, President, SANBlaze Technology. “The addition of the DTI ATCA switch family completes our ATCA family by adding 10G Ethernet switching to our existing ATCA storage and compute solutions.”

In addition to the SB-ATS1936 and SB-ATS1927 10G Ethernet Switch products, SANBlaze will continue the production and supply of complementary AdvancedMC (AMC) and Rear Transition Modules (RTM). AMC modules include: the AMCLVT designed to provide front panel video access and one 1G Ethernet port, the AMCLED designed to give link status indicator LEDs to the user and is designed for use with ATS1936 10G ATCA Switch and the AMC1G-4C single-width, mid-height AMC Ethernet switch with four 10/100/1000Base-T ports. Key RTM products include: SB-RTM1936 Rear Transition Module expands the external connectivity of the SB-ATS1936 with additional ingress/egress ports. The SB-RTM1936 supports both 10G and 1G operation and fully manages the SB-ATS1936 switch from the rear.

About SANBlaze

SANBlaze Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of storage, networking and multifunction solutions for embedded systems. SANBlaze embedded computing products include a complete line of ATCA storage, networking and compute blades, multifunction RTMs for ATCA blades, and AMC storage and networking controllers and modules. Additionally, the company provides fully configured and integrated ATCA systems and services.