Radisys' MPX-12000 Wins 2012 Communications Solutions Product of the Year

Radisys' MPX-12000 wins 2012 Communications Solutions Product of the Year award. Radisys' MRF enables world's first VoLTE deployment with MetroPCS; Traction builds as it is deployed in 12 VoLTE trials in North America, Europe and APAC

HILLSBORO, OR, U.S. – AUGUST 29, 2013 – Radisys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a market leader enabling wireless infrastructure solutions, today announced that its MPX-12000 Broadband MRF has won the 2012 Communications Solutions Product of the Year award, having been selected by TMC and the editors of Internet Telephony and Customer magazines. Radisys developed the MPX-12000 to deliver the media processing requirements for VoLTE, Rich Communications Services (RCS) and other value-added services, enabling mobile operators to generate new revenues from their LTE subscribers.

Radisys’ MRF solutions, including the MPX-12000 and Software MRF, are being deployed in twelve VoLTE trials around the world, including delivering the MRF functionality for the world’s first VoLTE deployment with MetroPCS. Radisys’ VoLTE buildout activity with the MPX-12000 also includes a large VoLTE operator in APAC, as well as a North American mobile operator utilizing the MPX-12000 for high capacity VoLTE transcoding.

“The products and services selected for the prestigious Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award represent some of the most exceptional innovations this industry has in quite some time,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO. “It is my pleasure to recognize Radisys with this honor as they have proven that they deserve to be considered to be among the industry’s elite.”

“This award is a testament to the significant investment and resources we’ve devoted to developing our MRF technology to meet the media processing demands of our customers,” said Al Balasco, senior director, product line management, Radisys. “In a world where data and voice traffic flows through networks at an astounding pace, a solution that helps efficiently monetize mobile media, such as the MPX-12000, empowers the operator and increases their bottom line. We are honored to receive this award.”

The MPX-12000 enables operators to monetize media flows while delivering 3-10x audio and video capacity improvements. It integrates Radisys’ expertise and leadership in IP media processing technology with Radisys’ high-performance T-Series ATCA platforms.

About the MPX-12000

The MPX-12000 is an advanced multimedia resource function (MRF) for LTE IMS, providing the scalable IP media processing required for Voice and Video over LTE (VoLTE), HD audio and video, and mobile VAS, combined with specialized media QoS processing services like VQE or IP-IP audio and video transcoding.

• Supports common video codec standards including H.264 HD video, H.263 and MPEG-4 mobile video, allowing operators to offer scalable video VAS applications and extend HD video conferencing from enterprise locations to remote mobile participants

• Support for VoLTE, including Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB) with advanced media conditioning features

• Industry-leading MRF densities for delivering real-time audio and video services to rich media devices, with automatic transcoding and transrating between diverse codec and picture size formats

• Reliable, open platform architecture based on Radisys’ market-leading T-Series 40G ATCA products

• Standards-based interfaces for rapid deployment and integration

• Backward compatibility with same control, media and management interfaces as Radisys’ existing media server products allows current customer deployments to scale or monetize new mobile video services

• Leverages Radisys’ MPX Operating Software (MPX-OS) as its media processing software foundation

For more information on Radisys’ MRF solutions, visit www.radisys.com.

About Radisys

Radisys (NASDAQ: RSYS) is a market leader enabling wireless infrastructure solutions for telecom, aerospace and defense applications. Radisys' market-leading ATCA, Media Resource Function (MRF) and COM Express platforms coupled with world-renowned Trillium software, services and market expertise enable customers to bring high-value products and services to market faster with lower investment and risk. Radisys solutions are used in a wide variety of 3G & 4G / LTE mobile network applications including: Radio Access Networks (RAN) solutions from femtocells to picocells and macrocells, wireless core network applications, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and policy management; conferencing and media services including voice, video and data, as well as customized mobile network applications that support the aerospace and defense markets.

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