Radisys Selected by AdvancedTCA Summit 2008 as Best-of-Show Award Winner in Hardware Category

AdvancedTCA Summit 2008

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Radisys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading global provider of advanced embedded solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets, today announced that it was chosen by the AdvancedTCA Summit as the Best-of-Show Award winner in the category of Best Hardware Product for the Promentum® ATCA-9100 Media Resource Module. The first annual Best-of-Show Awards represent a premier opportunity for industry recognition of innovative technology and how it is being used in the marketplace. Winning companies were judged by a panel of industry experts that evaluated each nomination based on the following criteria:

• Distinctiveness of the application, technology, or product

• Central use of AdvancedTCA

• Technical and business significance

The Best-of-Show winners were honored during the All-Industry Reception on Wednesday, October 22.

“I’m proud to award Radisys’ Promentum® ATCA-9100 Media Resource Module with the Best-of-Show, Best Hardware award,” said Ernie Bergstrom, President of Crystal Cube Consulting and Chairperson of the AdvancedTCA Summit. “AdvancedTCA is currently experiencing a progression of innovation, and Radisys is blazing a trail for next generation solutions.”

The Radisys Promentum ATCA-9100 Media Resource Module is a media processing blade that reduces the hardware footprint in the central office by more than 50 percent while attaining the same media processing capacity over conventional solutions. With its flexible and powerful architecture that hosts up to 20 multi-core DSPs, the Radisys Promentum ATCA-9100 offers the highest density capability in today’s market. Ten-Gigabit Ethernet fabric connectivity and direct Ethernet access to DSPs deliver unmatched packet and media processing capabilities. The Radisys Promentum ATCA-9100 offers Telecom Equipment Manufacturers a clear-cut path to a low cost-per-port approach for their next-generation VoIP, media processing, and media gateway carrier-grade solutions while, simultaneously, giving system designers a significant time-to-market edge as well as the ability to meet future multi-media processing requirements.

“We’re honored to accept this award,” said Anthony Ambrose, Radisys Vice President and General Manager, Communications Networks. “Our Promentum family has already garnered first place as the market’s leading ATCA platform and we’re pleased that this award recognizes our achievements in technical excellence and innovation.”

A complete list of the AdvancedTCA Summit awards recipients can be found at: www.advancedtcasummit.com.

About Radisys Corporation

Radisys (NASDAQ: RSYS) is a leading global provider of advanced embedded solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets. Through intimate customer collaboration and combining innovative technologies and industry leading architecture, Radisys helps OEMs, systems integrators, and solution providers bring better products to market faster and more economically. Radisys products include embedded boards, application enabling platforms, the OS-9® operating system, and turn-key systems, which are used in today's complex computing, processing, and network-intensive applications. For more information, visit www.Radisys.com, e-mail info@Radisys.com, or call 800-950-0044 or 503-615-1100. Editors seeking more information may contact Lyn Pangares at Radisys Corporation at 503-615-1220 or lyn.pangares@Radisys.com.

About the AdvancedTCA Summit

Produced by Conference ConCepts, Inc. the AdvancedTCA Summit is the only conference dedicated entirely to this emerging standard platform for telecommunications. It features tutorials, workshops, roundtables, paper and panel sessions, keynotes, and exhibits. Subjects include hardware, software, infrastructure, design and development methods, applications, standards, interfaces, and market research. It also covers related standards such as AdvancedMC and MicroTCA. It is produced in cooperation with such organizations as PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers’ Group), CP-TA (Communications Platforms Trade Association), SCOPE (network equipment providers), SAF (Service Availability Forum), and the Ethernet Alliance. For more information, visit www.advancedtcasummit.com.

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