Portwell releases COM Express Type 10 “Nano” module

FREMONT, CA. The PCOM-B21A, a Type 10 COM Express module was released yesterday by American Portwell Technology, Inc. Equipped with a dual-core Intel Atom N2800/2600 processor and measuring 84 mm x 55 mm, the module supports operating temperatures from -40ºC to +80ºC.

“One of the key benefits of our new PCOM-B21A is that it supports all Type 10 carrier boards and extends their operating functionality into a much wider temperature range,” says Robert Feng, Product Marketing Manager, American Portwell Technology, Inc.

PCOM-B21A supports up to 4GB of DDR3 memory; four PCIe x1 lanes (configurable to one PCIe x4); eight USB 2.0 ports; VGA, LVDS, and DisplayPort support for dual independent displays; and the option for an onboard SSD. The Intel Atom processor allows the module to consume less than 12W of power in fanless solutions, and targets the PCOM-B21A at space-limited applications requiring lower performance processing.

Frank Shen, VP of Product Marketing, American Portwell Technology, says “Our new PCOM-B21A Type 10 COM Express module can help design engineers save development time and reduce the cost of creating custom systems.”

The PCOM-B21A Type 10 COM Express module is available through American Portwell Technology, Inc. Arrow Electronics, Inc. and Avnet, Inc. Product details are available at www.xtca-systems.com/products/id/?229018026961886660.