Portwell PICMG 1.3 SHB ROBO-8111VG2AR

The ROBO-8111VG2AR has been announced by Portwell, a full size PICMG 1.3 System Host Board based on the Intel Xeon or 3rd generation Core processors. Providing high-performance graphics, PCIe 3.0 expansion, and USB 3.0 that upgrades data transfer to 5 Gbps, the ROBO-8111VG2AR is well suited for military and factory automation applications.

In order to leverage the Xeon E3-1275v2 andE3-1225v2 Intel processors, the ROBO-8111VG2AR is manufactured on 22 nm process technology and leverages ECC and two-channel DDR3 long DIMMs to 16 GB. The PCIe 3.0 interface to the processors is available in three flavors (1 x16 lanes; 2 x8 lanes; or 1 x8 plus 2 x4 lanes), and an LGA socket is leveraged for connection to the Intel C216 chipset. In the Core processor configuration, the CPUs are fitted with an enhanced graphics engine offering 3D performance capable of OpenGL 3.1 and DirectX 11. The 3rd generation Core processors are also equipped with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and Intel Turbo boost, and paired with the Intel Q77 Express Chipset. Further, integration of Intel Gigabit Ethernet LAN chips in both versions supports Intel’s Active Management Technology 8.0

ROBO-8111VG2AR also carries two 6 Gbps and two 3 Gbps SATA ports for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 support, as well as one parallel port and one each of RS232 and RS232/422/485 selectable serial ports for legacy compatibility. The units are capable of equipping of DVI-I (DVI-D + VGA) and multiple other displays onboard, and can simultaneously operate dual integrated displays.

Also compatible with the 2nd generation Core processors and the Intel 6-series chipset, the board offers reduced migration and time-to-market expense.