PDSi Raises the Bar with Intel-based CompactPCI Blade

Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. (PDSi) (NYSE Amex: PNS) today announced that it will begin shipping its new ComputeNode(tm) CP86-N1 CompactPCI (cPCI) blades in the second quarter of 2009.

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. (PDSi) (NYSE Amex: PNS) today announced that it will begin shipping its new ComputeNode™ CP86-N1 CompactPCI (cPCI) blades in the second quarter of 2009. This latest high-performance computing board from PDSi’s Embedded Products Group features the recently-launched Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T9400 processor, a powerful dual-core 2.53GHz embedded CPU based on Intel’s low-power 45nm technology. Architected with the server-grade Intel® 5100 Micro Controller Hub for greater memory integrity and extra I/O horsepower, this new blade from PDSi offers the fastest, most energy-efficient Intel-based solution available for OEMs building mission-critical cPCI systems.

The CP86-N1 blade gives these system builders the flexibility of two alternate configurations – one supporting on-blade SATA storage plus modern 2D/3D VGA video, the other offering an additional PMC mezzanine site – and in either case provides a standard PMC/XMC site for I/O expansion. PDSi also offers two rear transition modules (RTMs) for this blade, for even greater I/O versatility and additional SATA storage. The company allows OEMs the choice of traditional server-class hard drives or the newest super-rugged Intel® X25-E Extreme SATA solid state drives (SSD).

“Over the 20 years we have been in business, PDSi has built its strong reputation by offering dependable OEM products like our ComputeNode cPCI chassis and blades,” said Michael Darnell, VP of PDSi’s Embedded Products Group. “Our mission is to continue to deliver leading-edge, U.S.-made embedded computing solutions at a globally-competitive price-point. With this high-performing CP86-N1 blade priced at well under $3000 in OEM quantities, PDSi raises the level of performance-per-dollar available to military, telecommunications, and other demanding OEM applications."

The new Intel-based PDSi blade is also very power-efficient. Intel’s Core 2 Duo processors were designed from the ground up to deliver the best system level overall performance per watt. Intel’s Extreme SATA SSD offers outstanding performance and reliability, delivering the highest I/O operations (IOPS) per watt for servers, storage and high-end workstations.

PDSi is a proud member of Intel’s Embedded and Communications Alliance.

About PDSi

PDSi is a global provider of specialized embedded computing products. We offer a wide range of technology platforms including standard and custom-designed products for the telecom, defense/aerospace, medical, semiconductor, industrial automation and IT markets. Our product capabilities range from board-level designs to globally-certified, fully integrated systems. Our specialties include long-life, embedded products and unique, customer-centric solutions.

In addition to our product offerings, PDSi provides a variety of engineering and manufacturing services for global OEMs requiring custom product design, system integration, repair programs, warranty management, and specialized production capabilities. With service centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia we ensure seamless support for solutions all around the world.

PDSi’s turn-key technical programs help our customers bring their solutions to market faster and provide comprehensive service for the lifecycle of their products.

For more information, visit the PDSi website at www.pinnacle.com.