Open Server Summit Announces Specialized PICMG Gen4 Sessions

PICMGs Gen 4 Project design requirement sessions to be held November 13, 2014 at the Santa Clara Convention Center

SANTA CLARA, CA – Open Server Summit today announced sessions for the PCI Industrial Computer Manufactures Groups (PICMG) Gen 4 Project. The sessions are open to the public and are scheduled for November 13, 2014 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Open Server Summits (OSS) PICMG sessions address design requirements and challenges of PICMGs new Gen4 architecture. The PICMG session is chaired by Jacob Hall, Vice President, Systems Architect Wholesale Strategic Architectures at Wells Fargo, and feature companies such as Cisco, Artesyn Technologies, Pigeon Point Systems, as well as PICMG President, Joe Pavlat.

The Gen4 architecture is a PICMG standard effort for optimizing very high performance computation and network modular platform applications. Topics of discussion include performance computing, central network, network edge, and high capacity storage applications with critical capacity, performance, reliability, density, and efficiency requirements. As datacenter and telecommunications networks converge, cloud computing and various heterogeneous processing models become prevalent. PICMGs GEN4 effort is positioned as the standard modular platform architecture of choice for supporting the capacity and density required by the next decade of Internet application and traffic growth, serving the modular platform marketplace through at least 2025.

PICMG does a great job defining industry design standards and Gen4 is no exception. Gen4 is a new architecture complementary to AdvancedTCA but the new boards and shelves will not be plug compatible, even though the software and management infrastructure elements need to be adaptable between architectures. Discussions of how these elements are combined and what are the future requirements is the goal of our sessions at Open Server. We are grateful to the PICMG organization and its leading designers for coming and sharing their design requirements and experiences with our audience, said Dr. Lance Leventhal, Open Server Summit Program Chairperson.

About Open Server Summit

Open Server Summit (OSS), produced by Conference Concepts and formerly called Server Design Summit, celebrates its 6th anniversary November 11-13 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. OSS focuses on the design of next-generation servers with topics ranging from semiconductors and network interface cards through powerful high-end systems and overall infrastructure design and operation. The conference also covers data center efficiency, SSDs, CoreOS, cloud server design, the future of open server and open storage, and other efforts toward combining industry-standard hardware with open-source software.