Molex Unveils EdgeLine 12.5 Gbps Edge Card and CoPlanar Connectors

Connectors for vertical insertions meet MicroTCA requirements

LISLE, Ill. – January 13, 2009 – Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX and MOLXA) introduces EdgeLine™, a family of one-piece, low-cost connectors supporting high-speed signal transmissions using an card edge interface and a vertical or right angle insertion. Molex’s EdgeLine 12.5 Gbps Edge Card and CoPlanar connectors are a flexible and scalable solution for a wide variety of low-to mid-range telecom, computing, and storage applications.

“As systems become more complex, greater levels of interconnectivity require boards with more layers. This leads to thicker boards, and the EdgeLine Edge Card connectors address this need by offering two versions,” Kevin O’Connor, global product development manger, Molex Incorporated, said. “Both the EdgeLine Coplanar and Edge Card connector were also formatted to meet Telcordia requirements to ensure interoperability for telecom industry standards.”

Molex EdgeLine Edge Card connectors for vertical insertions:

· Feature high-speed differential performance up to 12.5 Gbps;

· Offer a 0.80mm (.031”) terminal pitch

· Accommodate two board thicknesses, 1.57 and 2.36mm (.062 and .093), with a future capability to mate to a 2.00mm (.079"), to support multiple PCB layers on complex product designs;

· Are available in various circuit sizes (30 to 294), with or without a center key;

· Meet MicroTCA™ requirements.

Molex EdgeLine CoPlanar connectors for right-angle insertions:

· Accept a 1.57mm (.062”) thick PCB with plans to release a 2.36mm (.093”) version in the future;

· Have a terminal pitch of 0.75mm (.030”) to accept AdvancedTCA® 170-circuit standard cards;

· Offer enhanced airflow and thermal management with their extremely low profile of 6.00mm (.236”) above main board; and

· Are available in various circuit sizes (68, 140, 170, 226 and 250), with an optional center key.

The two press-fit connectors offer a common or singulated ground to manage power and slow-speed single-ended signals in addition to high-speed differential circuits. Various standard circuit sizes are readily available along with customized pin-out solutions.

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