Managed Fast Ethernet Switch with 8 Ports for Fast and Safe Communication

Individual Configuration and Safe Communication

MEN Mikro Elektronik offers a range of CompactPCI and stand-alone Fast Ethernet switches for mobile and communication-intensive applications. The F302 3U CompactPCI card is the latest managed switch of this product line. Controlled by an FPGA-based low-power CPU, it consumes less than 7 W. The switch offers eight Fast-Ethernet channels at the front – via RJ45, M12 or D-Sub, depending on the field of application – and an additional channel that is optionally accessible at the rear J1 connector. Depending on the connector type, the device has a 12-HP front panel (RJ45) or a 16-HP front panel (M12 or D-Sub). In any case the board needs only one slot on the CompactPCI bus.

Due to its built-in self-test mechanisms, the F302 is a highly reliable component in communication systems and – as any of the Ethernet switches in MEN’s product range – supports full and half duplex, high-speed non-blocking store-and-forward switching and autonegotiation as well as Layer-2 switching. The F302 is fault tolerant and restores itself on its own: if a link is temporarily unavailable, it will work again after the disturbance without any restart or reset.

A service interface at the front panel facilitates configuration of the Ethernet channels. You can individually configure them using a hardware key, a Telnet command line interface or SNMP, without opening the system itself. In addition the F302 fulfills the requirements of railway standard EN 50155, so that it is especially suited for application in harsh, mobile and communication-intensive applications. All of the board’s components are specified for a -40 to +85°C operating temperature and firmly soldered to withstand shocks and vibration. The card is ready for coating and has a guaranteed minimum availability of 5 years.