Korean Base Station Manufacturers select Polaris Networks' LTE EPC Emulators to validate their LTE small cells

Polaris Networks announced today that three leading LTE small cell manufacturers in Korea, have selected the Polaris LTE EPC emulators to test the development of their LTE Small Cells. Among them is a leading joint venture TEM company, CS Holdings and Contela Inc.

Lexington, Massachusetts, October 29, 2012 - announced today that three leading small cell manufacturers in Korea, have selected the Polaris LTE EPC emulators to test the development of their LTE Small Cells. Among them is a leading joint venture TEM company, CS Holdings and Contela Inc.

Commenting on this development, Aditya Saraf VP of Sales & Marketing at Polaris Networks said, “Vendors across the world use Polaris LTE testing tools for testing their LTE base station for not only functionality and performance, but also to validate the small cells for deployment-readiness in commercial LTE networks. I am thankful to our sales partner in Korea, Tricomtek Co. Ltd., for their unending efforts in making Polaris’ LTE test tools the test tools of choice among Korean base station vendors. We are delighted with the kind of response that our LTE test solutions have received in the Korean market and we look forward to more such opportunities in the future.”

The LTE Emulator test tools from Polaris Networks are free-running implementations that provide closest to live-network simulation of LTE infrastructure equipment in a lab environment. Of these, the MME, SGW and PGW Emulators provide a complete EPC simulation that software vendors and base station manufacturers use for testing their LTE eNodeB development. The Emulators for EPC includes built-in HSS and PCRF functions. It has added support for features like ‘Closed Subscriber Group’ (CSG), Over-the-air provisioning, which are specifically useful for testing LTE small cells or Home eNodeBs.

Much of the popularity of the Polaris LTE test solutions in the Korean market can be attributed to the extensive support provided by Seoul-based Tricomtek Co. Ltd. Tricomtek has a hands-on approach in understanding and solving technical issues of its customers, especially those related to testing telecom equipment. The company has been sales partner of Polaris Networks for more than a year now.

“The Polaris EPC emulator is an extremely flexible solution which can be used in different test configurations and test environments,” said SangKu Lee, President, Tricomtek Co. Ltd. “The LTE Emulators are useful for various equipment vendors including UE, Femtocell/Picocell/Micro eNB, HeNB Gateway, EPC system manufacturers, since they provide an easy-to-configure development environment. Not only do they help in reducing the test operating time greatly, a significant cost savings can be expected as well.”

Polaris Networks is currently participating in the 4G World. The company is demonstrating its LTE Emulator products and also it’s other range of LTE Test Tools and Carrier Gateways.

About Polaris Networks

Polaris Networks is a leading provider of Test tools and Carrier-grade software solutions for LTE. These solutions are used world-wide by equipment manufacturers and operators. The Functional Testers and Emulator tools are used by TEMS and operators for testing eNodeB, MME, S-GW, PDN-GW and other LTE nodes for protocol/feature conformance, scalability, load/stress.

Headquartered in Boston, the company's R&D facility is located in India.

For more information, visit www.polarisnetworks.net

About Tricomtek

Tricomtek Co. Ltd is a leader in providing service platforms and wireless test systems inspiring innovation within mobile development labs, Fixed/Wireless communication networks and enterprise’s IT organizations in Korea. We also provide embedded development tools and system development service for tomorrow’s emerging technologies.

We pride ourselves on being experts on testing solution for next-generation communication networks, devices and applications. Relying on our world-wide suppliers, we offer wireless terminal, access, core network testers as well as mobile service testers in 3G & 4G.

For more information, visit www.tricomtek.com

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