Kontron Changes the Processing Paradigm of Mobile/IMS Network Applications with its AdvancedTCA Platform Based on Dual Core Intel Xeon Processors

Kontron develops most densely designed AdvancedTCA processor board with unprecedented network performance and power efficiency

CHICAGO, IL − June 5, 2006 − Kontron - a market leader in embedded computer technology and a Premier member of the Intel® Communications Alliance - today unveiled its highly anticipated Kontron AT8020 AdvancedTCA processor board at this year's Globalcomm. Designed to meet the needs of major Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs), the AT8020 features two Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processors LV 2.0 GHz and support for two AdvancedMC modules. The result is an open modular processing platform that will increase the number of deployments of AdvancedTCA solutions at the heart of every computer-intensive mobile-IMS network element — from the transcoding of live multimedia mobile content on a Multimedia Resource Function Processor (MRFP) to concurrent processing of subscriber data on Home Subscriber Locator (HLR) systems.

“Several leading vendors of IMS-based network applications have already shown tremendous interest in the launch of the AT8020,” said Robert Courteau, general manager, Kontron Canada. “Its early success is clearly driven by the integration of Intel® dual-core technology onto the AdvancedTCA open hardware standard. As a Premier member of the Intel® Communications Alliance , Kontron is pleased to work with Intel to provide its dual-core, multi-processor Kontron products based on the Intel architecture.”

“Dual core technology in a low-power design will bring a new level of performance density to the communications market segment,” said Ton Steenman, general manager, Infrastructure Processor Division, Intel. “By utilizing the Intel® Xeon® processors LV 2.0 GHz, the latest AdvancedTCA product introduction from Kontron will benefit TEMs and OEMs with expanded I/O and processing performance at an attractive thermal envelope.”

Feature set of the Kontron AT8020 AdvancedTCA processor board

The Kontron AT8020 AdvancedTCA processor board provides exceptional system performance powered by two Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processors LV 2.0 GHz featuring multi-core technology and 2MB 2nd level cache. This computer-platform is extremely appealing for a wide range of mobile network applications that require high processing power such transcoding of mobile multimedia content and concurrent processing for HLR systems.

Also unique to this board design is its 2 mid-size AdvancedMC sites for customization, up to 16 GB of DDR 400 Registered ECC SDRAM, and a flexible mezzanine switch fabric featuring a CrossSwitch for SAS and Ethernet. The AT8020 is designed with a Network Timing Subsystem for clocking support to integrate with a wide assortment of telecom I/O AMC modules such as T1/E1, OC-3 and others.

The Kontron AT8020 is built with the Intel® E7520 chipset with 667 MHz FSB and support for PCI Express™. Included are two rear 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet (Base Interface), Dual-Dual 1000Base-BX Ethernet (Option 3), 1x serial RJ45, 1 x USB 2.0 (front) and 1 X 10/100BaseT, and SAS via RTM.

Key benefits of Intel Dual-Core Technology

The dual-core Intel Xeon processor is targeted for ultra dense environments that require lower power consumption and is optimized to deliver a highly energy efficient performance. This makes the Kontron AT8020 an ideal and scalable platform to deliver more performance per watt and remain within the AdvancedTCA power envelope of 200 watts.

More about Kontron Open Modular Solutions

Kontron shortens the application design process by ensuring that each open modular building block is fully interoperable and designed to be both the right technology and the right architecture in mind to suit any development needs. Kontron pre-integrated open modular solutions are customizable and also feature options for best-in-class carrier-grade OS and middleware software solutions. Kontron offers a diverse selection of AdvancedTCA processor, switch and carrier platforms, plus complementary field-replaceable AdvancedMC processor, storage, and I/O modules.

Product Pricing and Availability

Pricing: OEM pricing upon request

Availability: Q4, 06.


About Kontron

A global leader in embedded computer technology and mobile rugged solutions, Kontron supplies a diversified customer base of OEMs, system integrators, and application providers in the: automation, test and measurement, communications, medical, gaming and entertainment, military, aerospace, transportation, and energy markets. The company helps its customers considerably reduce their time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage with products including: high-performance open computer platforms and systems, single board computers, human-machine interfaces, and mobile rugged computers and displays. Kontron employs more than 2,300 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. The company is listed on the German TecDAX 30 stock exchange under the symbol "KBC". Kontron is a Premier member in the Intel ® Communications Alliance. For additional information on Kontron, please visit www.kontron.com.

About the Intel® Communications Alliance:

The Intel Communications Alliance is a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers who share a common vision on the convergence of computing technologies. The member companies within the Alliance are committed to the development of modular, standards based building blocks, platforms, and solutions based on Intel technologies, processors, products, and services. The availability of these standards-based modular building blocks and solutions offer the market greater choice, faster time to profit, and the opportunity to innovate using modular building blocks from multiple levels of integration - silicon, software, boards and complete systems. For additional information on the Intel Communications Alliance, visit : www.intel.com/go/ica.

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