Kontron and Cavium to demonstrate live 40G carrier grade deep packet inspection during Mobile World Congress 2012

Each Kontron blade is designed with dual Cavium OCTEON II MIPS64 multi-core processors (Winner of Best Embedded Processor Award from Linley Group) for a total of 64 cores and 80Gbps packet processor performance.

Kontron and Cavium, Inc. today announced they will have a live demonstration during Mobile World Congress 2012 that illustrates how telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) can achieve 1Tbps (1000Gbps) of multi-functional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) performance on a single integrated COTS hardware/software solution.

The demo consists of a 40Gbs AdvancedTCA DPI-hardened Kontron platform using Cavium's OCTEON II 32 core processors and Cavium TurboDPI software. Possible implementations by TEMs include network element designs for 4G LTE and carrier cloud-based services that require multi-purpose security of fixed and mobile streaming data. Scheduled presentations will take place at the Cavium booth 2B05 in Hall 2.0, February 27 to March 1, 2012.

This Kontron-Cavium collaboration is yet another key milestone in their efforts to enable TEMs to dramatically reduce their time to design and deploy new network infrastructure equipment for the service-provider market. Kontron has three generations of open standard hardware designed with Cavium multi-core packet processors; this latest project is a significant step towards providing large-scale, application-ready security DPI platforms that can trim a TEM's design cycle by up to half.

More about the Kontron - Cavium Demo

The blending of Kontron and Cavium hardware and software technologies enables the analysis of data streams to identify protocols and applications, inappropriate URLs, intrusion attempts or malware - all in a single pass at up to 1Tbps (1000 Gbps) performance per system. On hand will be a 40G AdvancedTCA open modular platform populated with Kontron AdvancedTCA Packet Processor Blades AT8242 utilized to both generate simulated traffic and perform various simultaneous traffic analyses. Each Kontron blade is designed with dual Cavium OCTEON II MIPS64 multi-core processors (Winner of Best Embedded Processor Award from Linley Group) for a total of 64 cores and 80Gbps packet processor performance.

Cavium TurboDPI Software

TurboDPI utilizes Cavium's new, patent-pending Uniscan technology that is incorporated in all multi-core OCTEON II processors to simultaneously block malicious or inappropriate URLs, identify hundreds of widely used protocols and applications, help block thousands of different intrusion attempts and locate over a hundred thousand varieties of viruses and malware threats, all with just a single scan and with up to 40Gbps performance per processor. TurboDPI solution can be utilized inline or out of band to detect hundreds of protocols including Internet (HTTP, FTP etc), Email (IMAP, POP3, SMTP etc.), Web 2.0 (Facebook, Myspace, etc.), Multimedia (Flash, QuickTime, YouTube, etc.), Peer to Peer (BitTorrent, eDonkey, etc.) and Voice and Messaging (Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo, etc.).

Kontron AdvancedTCA Packet Processor Blade AT8242

The Kontron AdvancedTCA 64-Core Packet Processor Blade AT8242 offers high compute performance for demanding security and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), network applications for SNOW 3G and KASUMI, TCP/IP packet processing acceleration, 4G/LTE Evolved Packet Core Gateways, IPTV and content delivery platforms, Video Optimization, and GPON and EPON elements.

The Kontron AT8242 offers a superior performance per watt, power optimization, embedded virtualization, and a multitude of hardware acceleration features, including DPI acceleration with integrated HFA (RegEx Engine), TCP and ROHC, packet processing, compression, and multi-core scaling.

Cavium OCTEON 68XX Processor Family

The OCTEON II CN6880 multi-core MIPS64 processor includes 32 cnMIPS64 v2 cores, over 85 application acceleration engines, and innovative real-time Power Optimizer features, providing the highest compute and services performance of any standard ISA processor. With 20 configurable Gen2 SERDES, 4 DDR3 controllers, a 4MB L2 Cache, and complete application acceleration, including packet processing, Encryption/Decryption, Deep Packet Inspection (RegEx), Compression/decompression, De-duplication, RAID, and multi-core scaling, the CN6860 offers the highest compute for demanding AdvancedTCA applications.

Visit Kontron and Cavium at Mobile World Congress 2012

Barcelona - February 27 to March 1, 2012