JumpGen Systems Introduces PrAMC Featuring 45nm Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor SL9380

The PRM-100 Processor AdvancedMC™ Features the Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor SL9380 and Intel® 82598EB 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller with Dual 10Gbps Ethernet Fabric Links

PRM-100 PrAMC with Full-Size Front Panel
PRM-100 PrAMC with Full-Size Front Panel

Carlsbad, CA October 21, 2008 – JumpGen Systems today announced the PRM-100, a next generation processor AdvancedMC™ (PrAMC) based on the latest 45nm Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor SL9380, coupled with the Intel® 3100 chipset, an integrated memory and I/O controller operating with 800MHz Front Side Bus. The single-wide PRM-100 PrAMC features dual 10Gbps Ethernet interfaces and dual processor cores to host high-bandwidth embedded communication applications. The PRM-100 is one of several JumpGen PrAMC solutions that support 10Gbps Ethernet fabric addressing growing market requirements for IP networks. The PRM-100 is a compact but powerful compute solution optimized to meet customers’ most challenging performance and thermal requirements with high-speed connectivity.

“We see a growing need for a secure IP communications and multi-gigabit packet processing in many market segments, including the communications, military, medical and commercial markets.” said Harry White, JumpGen Systems President. “The PRM-100 is JumpGen’s first product to offer Intel’s latest 45nm processor technology and multiple 10Gbps Ethernet (XAUI) interfaces in the small footprint offered by a single-wide AdvancedMC™. The PRM-100 will complement a growing number of MicroTCA™ systems with XAUI MCHs and ATCA Carriers and Node boards with XAUI connections to AMC sites and the backplane.

“The 45nm-based Core 2 Duo processor uses hafnium-infused Hi-k transistors that increase processor performance by doubling transistor density,” said Rose Schooler, general manager, Embedded Performance Products Division, Intel. “JumpGen provides embedded processor boards, such as the PRM-100 PrAMC, that utilize the increased performance of this latest processor to meet the requirements of multiple communications applications.”

"JumpGen Systems has an experienced team and is poised to fill a gap in the ATCA and MicroTCA ecosystem", said Lance Leventhal, Technology Editor, ATCA Newsletter. "The PRM-100 provides next generation technology today on an industry standard AdvancedMC form factor."

"JumpGen Systems is a leader in AdvancedMC product development and is expanding the ecosystem for AMC.0 R2.0 and AMC.2 R1.0 compliant products. We are pleased that JumpGen Systems i developing new products based on PICMG® standards," said Joe Pavlat, President of PICMG®, the open standards consortium.

PRM-100 Features

• Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor SL9380 running up to 1.8GHz

• Up to 8GB of ECC DDR2 memory running at 400MHz

• Up to 8GB of persistent memory

• Dual 10GigE interfaces (AMC.2 Type 6 or AMC.2 Type 5 with 2nd fabric interface in lanes 17-20

• Dual GigE interfaces (AMC.2 Type E2)

• Dual SATA interfaces (AMC.3)

• Front Panel I/O includes 2 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet, RS-232 Serial and USB

• Available in both full and mid-size AMC configurations for AdvancedTCA® (ATCA), MicroTCA™ and proprietary architecture systems.

• RoHS-compliant


The PRM-100 is shipping to select customers and will be generally available in Q4, 2008.

About JumpGen Systems:

JumpGen Systems is an agile, innovative supplier of embedded computing solutions. JumpGen Systems features an experienced team of engineers to define, develop and deliver critical embedded computing products for our customers. JumpGen’s team has a successful track record in bringing new embedded processor solutions to market, quickly and cost-effectively. The JumpGen Systems’ team has delivered production solutions to embedded customers in industry standard form factors such as AdvancedMC™, AdvancedTCA®, CompactPCI®, PMC, XMC, and VME form factors as well as custom, proprietary solutions. JumpGen Systems is a privately held and an employee-owned company headquartered in Carlsbad, California. JumpGen Systems is an Executive Member of PICMG® and a General Member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance. For more information, visit www.JumpGen.com

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