JumpGen Systems Introduces ATCA Carrier Hub

JumpGen Systems introduces the PSA-100 featuring a Fujitsu 26 Port 10GbE Switch with 3 AMC Sites with 10Gbs Fabric Connections and 10Gbps/1Gbps support for up to 7 slots on backplane fabric.

PSA-100 Front Angle with 3 AMC Sites
PSA-100 Front Angle with 3 AMC Sites

Carlsbad, CA April 13, 2009 – JumpGen Systems today announces the PSA-100, an AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) Carrier/Hub blade featuring the Fujitsu MB86C69RBC 26 port 10GbE switch IC together with an Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor with Intel® QuickAssist Technology and up to 4GB of ECC DDR2 memory for switch management and/or control plane functions. The PSA-100 supports 3 mid-size B+ AMC bays each with two 10GBase-KX4 Fat Pipe and two 1000Base-KX Base interfaces. The Fujitsu switch connects the three AMC sites to the ATCA backplane fabric and base channels. The PSA-110 may be deployed with 600 MHz, 1.066 GHz, or 1.2 GHz processors, with or without QuickAssist Technology. The PSA-100 may also serve as an ATCA Hub in systems up to 7 slots (such as a 5U ATCA Chassis).

“The PSA-100 is our first ATCA Carrier/Hub board and provides an effective carrier for our high performance XAUI Fabric AMC products as well as a cost effective switch for 5U or 6U ATCA Systems. The switch and processor are both very power and performance efficient allowing the Carrier to support multiple high powered AMCs.” said Harry White, JumpGen Systems President.

“We are pleased to see new ATCA carrier boards taking advantage of the latest technology to offer higher levels of integration at lower price points.” noted Lance Leventhal, Technology Editor, ATCA Newsletter.

PSA-100 Features

• Fujitsu MB86C69RBC 26 port switch

o Supports Dual-Star ATCA backplane switching up to 7 Slot Systems

o Supports Full Mesh ATCA backplane switching up to 7 Slot Systems

• Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor running at 800 MHz, 1.066 GHz or 1.2 GHz

o Available with Intel® QuickAssist Technology

o Up to 8GB of persistent memory

• Three Mid-Size AMC Sites with

o Dual GigE interfaces to Common Options Lanes 0 and 1 (AMC.2 Type E2) to switch

o Dual 10Gbps interfaces to Fabric Lanes 4-7 and 8-11 (AMC.2 Type6) to switch

o Dual SATA interfaces to Common Options Lanes 2 and 3 (AMC.3) to other AMC sites

• Front Panel I/O includes 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet management, 1000Base-T Ethernet, RS-232 Serial and USB

• Available in single slot AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) form factor

• RoHS-compliant


The PSA-100 is shipping to select customers in Q2, 2009 and will be generally available in Q3, 2009.

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