Diversified Technology, Inc. now offers Fully Packaged InfiniBand-based AdvancedTCA

The ATC5232 node blade and ATS2148 switch blade are ready to meet 2006 deployment needs for AdvancedTCA Solutions designed around the InfiniBand Fabric.

ATC5232 : InfiniBand based AdvancedTCA Node Blade
ATC5232 : InfiniBand based AdvancedTCA Node Blade
ATS2148 : InfiniBand based AdvancedTCA Switch Blade
ATS2148 : InfiniBand based AdvancedTCA Switch Blade

AdvancedTCA Summit - December 5th, 2005 - , Inc. (DTI) touts their new AdvancedTCA blade solutions at tomorrow's event in their booth, # 240. The ATC5232 and the ATS2148 provide an InfiniBand based fabric for high performance blade systems utilizing the AdvancedTCA open architecture standard. These two new blades will be ready for deployment objectives in January 2006 and are being showcased in DTI's interactive booth demo. The "You Pick the Path" demonstration features an InfiniBand solution matched up against an Ethernet solution to illustrate the great flexibility within the AdvancedTCA standard along with DTI's expertise in both of these multifaceted fabrics.

"When paired with the ATC5232, DTI's InfiniBand-connected CPU node, the ATS2148 will provide a true 10Gb/s fabric solution for AdvancedTCA" stated Joe McDevitt, DTI's AdvancedTCA program manager. "This provides a true performance increase for existing proprietary or other fabrics without the cost and time-to-market concerns of future fabrics. The ATS2148 also represents DTI's continued commitment to bring high-performance switches and nodes to the AdvancedTCA market. Diversified Technology, Inc. is glad to finally offer the marketplace a choice when it comes to fabrics because not all programs should be confined to one feature set. This is the focus of our demo, which we have entitled "You Pick the Path". We want everyone to know that you do have options when it comes to AdvancedTCA. That's one of the beautiful things about this new standard and we are glad to present several fabrics for the multitude of industry programs."

About the ATC5232

The ATC5232 is Diversified Technology's Intel® Xeon™ processor-based Node Board designed for the next generation of telecom equipment markets. The board is a ® 3.2 compliant processor board that combines low price with high performance for access/edge, telecom fiber transport, media gateways, soft switches, and Internet IP-based applications. The board was designed around the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group's (PICMG®) new 3.0 specification (AdvancedTCA®), which is an open industrial standard for new hardware platforms in carrier-grade networks.

DTI's ATC5232 is equipped with dual Low-Voltage Intel Xeon 3.06GHz processors, each with 2MB L2 cache. It utilizes a high I/O bandwidth Intel® E7520 server-class chipset with an 800MHz front side bus and support for up to 16GB of memory. The ATC5232 uses a standard 2.5" IDE micro hard drive for storage. I/O peripherals located on-board are two auto-negotiating Gigabit Ethernet controllers for the Base interface, two 10Gbits/sec x4 InfiniBand ports for the Fabric interface, one 64-bit/66MHz site for user configuration, and other peripherals designed for high-performance Telco needs. Two 2.5GHz x8 PCI Express links are available at the RTM connectors.

The board fully supports the AdvancedTCA concept of separate data and control plane traffic when paired with DTI's ATS2148. The ATC5232 is compliant with the 3.2 specification via Option 1, including two backplane Ethernet connections and two backplane InfiniBand connections. The ATC5232 utilizes an AMI® Embedded BIOS with boot from HD, CD-ROM, or the network. Console redirection, PnP, and PCI auto configuration are also supported. Operating systems supported include Enterprise , SuSE, and .

About the ATS2148

The ATS2148 Hub Board is an AdvancedTCA 3.0 and 3.2 Option 1 switch. It provides separate control plane switching, data plane switching, and storage plane switching for ATCA shelves. It supports gigabit Ethernet on the base control network. The fabric features a 10Gb/s InfiniBand switch with built-in InfiniBand Subnet Management Agent (SMA) and Performance Management Agents (PMA.)

The fabric switch supports sophisticated subnet management, fabric discovery and initialization, and quality of service. The switch's PMA monitors fabric health and link and packet errors as well as detecting and isolating potential problems before they occur. Multi-pathing and automatic path migration are fully supported enabling fault tolerance and failover as well as providing notification that a self-healing fabric event occurred and maintenance may be required.

The ATS2148 also features 24-port gigabit Ethernet switches for ATCA base switching. Ports are provided to support the full 16-slot shelf with both redundant switches and redundant shelf managers. Up to 8 uplink ports on base can be provided for connections between shelves and to outside networks. The base Ethernet switch features layer 2 switching and layer 3 routing as well as advanced features such as a DHCP server, independent VLAN learning, VRRP, RIP, OSPF, rapid spanning tree, DiffServ, and access control lists among others. With support for an industry standard CLI, telnet/SSH, SNMP, RADIUS, and a web interface, the ATS1460 provides robust management.

About Diversified Technology, Inc.

Diversified Technology, Inc. (DTI) has a 34-year history of delivering embedded systems to the communications market and now builds on that by offering an increased line of performance-driven solutions based on the latest processing and switched fabric products. This line of AdvancedTCA (ATCA) systems, DTI's Targa Series, addresses the needs of the core and edge application markets, while also delivering unique features designed to handle the next generation services of advanced voice, data and mobile applications. ()

About the AdvancedTCA Summit

The AdvancedTCA Summit, held on December 6-8, 2005 in San Jose, California, is the first standalone conference addressing a potential $35 billion market. Summit conference sessions and tutorials will provide attendees with the latest information on AdvancedTCA hardware, software, interconnects, and system development. For more information, visit (www.advancedtcasummit.com/).

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