DDC introduces programmable, high-performance 38 channel ARINC 429/717 cards

Today, Data Device Corporation (DDC) unveiled its DD-40X00X line of ARINC 429/717 cards for flight testing and simulation, the first ARINC cards to offer 36 ARINC 429 programmable Tx/Rx channels for hardware in-the-loop testing and 2 ARINC 717 programmable Tx/Rx channels for flight data recorder testing, as well as parametric testing functions. Available in CompactPCI, PCI, PXI, PMC, and PCIe form factors, the cards also offer a variable output voltage and board voltage monitoring, making them flexible enough to be deployed in applications such as System Integration Labs and Simulators, Production Test Stands, and System Trouble Shooting beyond ARINC.

The DD-40X00X line’s flexibility also offers 16 Avionics discrete interfaces and a definable I/O mix, on-board message scheduling and DMA for real-time simulation and high-performance data transfer, and a variable ARINC speed output for compatibility with other ARINC Specifications.