Curtiss-Wright Controls Extends Lifetime of Popular Rugged CompactPCI SBC

Scheduled EOL of SCP/DCP-124 SBC extended out to 2016

Curtiss-Wright Controls Extends Lifetime of Popular SCP/DCP-124 Rugged CompactPCI SBC
Curtiss-Wright Controls Extends Lifetime of Popular SCP/DCP-124 Rugged CompactPCI SBC

ASHBURN, VA – May 23, 2013 – Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS), a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Controls, has announced that it has extended the scheduled production life of its popular SCP/DCP-124 and SCP/DCP-124P rugged 3U CompactPCI (cPCI) single board computers (SBCs). The SCP/DCP-124/124P has completed a design update that removes obsolescence and extends the board’s LTB/EOL date out from 2013 to 2016. The design update is transparent to the user and does not require any software changes in the customer’s software application, which speeds and eases the longevity of supply process.

“Curtiss-Wright understands that long product life cycles adds costs and directly impact the ability of our customers to deliver to their program needs,” said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions. “We have pro-actively extended the life of the SCP/DCP-124/124P to enable our customers to reduce their costs and eliminate worries about imminent EOL concerns.”

The SCP/DCP-124 3U cPCI SBC is available in both conduction cooled and air-cooled versions and delivers a rich complement of I/O in a compact 3U form factor. Powered by Freescale®'s Altivec™-enhanced 7448 PowerPC® processor, these small form-factor cards simplify the design of space and weight constrained COTS systems for military and aerospace applications.

The SCP/DCP-124P variant of the popular SCP/DCP-124, expands I/O flexibility by enabling I/O signals to be routed to the backplane in compliance with the PICMG 2.3 standard. The board is designed to be used in cPCI backplane peripheral slots. The SCP/DCP-124/124P supports a full 64-bit PMC site along with a wealth of additional I/O. Both boards are powered by a 7447A/7448 Power® Architecture that is supported by 1 MB of internal ECC L2 Cache memory running at core processor speed, and up to 1 Gbyte of DDR SDRAM with ECC.

Software support includes BSPs for VxWorks® 5.5.x/Tornado™ 2.2.x and 6.5 & 6.7/Workbench™ 2.x, WindRiver Linux, and Green Hills® INTEGRITY®. Support is also provided for Continuum™ Vector, Curtiss-Wright's Altivec-optimized signal processing library.

The SCP/DCP-124/124P complements Curtiss-Wright's wide range of SBCs, Digital Signal Processors, Graphics and Communications and I/O products. For more information about Curtiss-Wright's embedded computing solutions, please visit

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