CompactPCI Express Revision 2 released by PICMG, provides 4x bandwidth increase

WAKEFIELD, MA. The PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) has announced Revision 2 of the CompactPCI Express specification. The revision adds a 5 Gbps transfer rate and 8 Gbps transfer rate PCI Express operation, providing a 4x increase in bandwidth while preserving complete backwards compatibility with preceding CompactPCI Express and CompactPCI products.

CompactPCI Express was introduced in 2005, and added the capability of PCI Express signaling across the backplane. Revision 2 of the CompactPCI Express specification defines how PCI Express signaling is validated at great length, helping ensure interoperability.

"This revision of CompactPCI Express, like the first release of the specification, focuses on interoperability at both the interface and product level but with the additional benefit of dramatically increasing performance,” says Mark Wetzel, Technical Chair, CompactPCI Express Subcommittee, and Distinguised Engineer, National Instruments. “This will allow rapid adoption in instrumentation and control applications where performance and interoperability are critical. The PXI standard, which currently builds on top of CompactPCI and CompactPCI Express, will see immediate benefit from this new revision."

CompactPCI Express leverages modern serial communications standards and is optimized for instrument and control applications. The performance benefits of CompactPCI Express can be leveraged with little to no increase in cost over original CompactPCI systems.

Single copies of the CompactPCI Express Revision 2 specification are available to non-PICMG members for $100. They can be ordered on the PICMG website at