Celcite announces successful COPS-enabled LTE optimization services

Using a Celcite COPS platform, an LTE RF Optimization program for LTE and the managed services of a Centralized Maintenance and Optimization Center has been successfully completed by a North American Tier 1 operator. The enterprise-grade GMS, UMTS, and LTE optimization product feature performance and configuration management, automatic intelligent correlation, and advanced analysis. The program run by this operator focused on improving PS retainabliity, latency, percentage time and traffic with the soft parameter tuning and RF shaping of more than 400 LTE sites.

The COPS product was used to identify root cause analysis and provide improvement recommendations for certain sites using COPS-AIC, the RF propagation of underlying technology, and LTE RFY shaping. The multi-vendor optimization tool enabled optimal inter-RAT activities and allows for the acceleration of service fulfillment and 4G network time-to-market.