Blueprint for Infrastructure SDN introduced in Cariden white paper

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- A blueprint for enterprise/service provider Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions that provide visibility and programmability in data centers and networks has been outlined in a white paper by Cariden Technologies. The blueprint covers SDN use cases and value propositions in Flow Services and Virtualization SDN, and continues to introduce Infrastructure SDN, an exposition of network resources for optimization and management of traffic demands.

Infrastructure SDN is best described in bandwidth calendaring and demand placement use cases. Bandwidth calendaring creates visibility and reservations of network resources, while demand placement informs applications of available network resources, represented in applications such as content cache placement and network-aware DNS.
Abstracting and controlling resources with software through the creation of a Network Services OS (NS-OS) is the foundation of Infrastructure SDN. Cariden’s NS-OS operates on three layers:
• Network Controllers equivalent to computer OS device drivers that provide control and I/O to devices
• Network Model provides an abstraction of network resources and reservations over time
• Services Control provides intelligence for network admissions, paths, and orchestration

A detailed account of Infrastructure SDN and its resource-constrainted and dynamic demand environment benefits is available at SDN Central ( As an increasing amount of carriers and service providers express the need for SDN deployments, Cariden is planning a general deployment of their NS-OS for Infrastructure SDN in 2013. More information can be found at