BittWare Partners with Industry Leaders to Provide Turn Key Development Environment for AMC/MicroTCA Systems

MicroTCA Rapid Development Platform provides a flexible, integrated solution enabling efficient design and test of even the most complex AMC-based systems

SANTA CLARA , CA – October 27, 2009 – BittWare, a leading supplier of high-end COTS signal processing hardware, IP, and system solutions for communications, military/aerospace, and instrumentation markets, announced today at the Advanced/MicroTCA Summit the release of their MicroTCA Rapid Development Platform designed through a partnership with MicroBlade, N.A.T, and Concurrent Technologies. BittWare’s MicroTCA Rapid Development Platform combines the benefits of MicroTCA with the processing power of up to six Altera® Stratix® Family FPGAs in an integrated solution using a MicroBlade MicroBox 1U chassis, a N.A.T. MicroTCA carrier hub module, and an optional Concurrent Technologies processor AMC module. The development platform is a stand-alone setup allowing users to efficiently design and test their AMC and MicroTCA systems, significantly speeding up the development process. It offers up to six AdvancedMC slots with a switched or switchless MicroTCA backplane, opening up an endless array of system configurations. With the addition of BittWare’s ATLANTiS™ FrameWork for reconfigurable data routing, it enables users to fully design and debug in a portable, flexible environment.

“We have pulled together AMC/MicroTCA industry leaders MicroBlade, NAT, and Concurrent Technologies to create a one stop shop development platform that enables our customers to quickly begin their application development and in turn, get their MicroTCA based system deployed in a shorter time frame,” stated Darren Taylor, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at BittWare. “The BittWare MicroTCA Rapid Development Platform provides a flexible and powerful environment for use with BittWare FPGA-based AMC boards.”

"The MicroBlade chassis coupled with either a switched or switchless backplane offers the performance benefit of MicroTCA in a space-saving horizontal-mounted 1U height ," says Mike Franco, President and CEO of MicroBlade. "Combined with NAT’s MCH and Concurrent Technologies’ SBC, BittWare has created a powerful and robust platform for development on their FPGA-based AMCs."

"The NAT-MCH as the central management and switching instance for 10GbE, SRIO or PCIe based MicroTCA systems provides a significant advantage to our customers by allowing them to build their systems flexible, fast and easy and thus shortening time-to-market," says Heiko Koerte, VP and Director of Sales & Marketing at N.A.T.."Using leading edge products, BittWare has successfully configured a mature and advanced platform for their FPGA-based AMCs, a platform that provides maximum flexibility for end users."

MicroTCA Rapid Development Platform Performance Features

• Small form factor for a wide range of applications and performance

• MicroBlade MicroBox 1U chassis providing 6 mid-size (3 full size) AMC slots

• Up to six BittWare FPGA-based AdvancedMCs

▪ Altera Stratix II, Stratix II GX, or Stratix IV GX FPGAs implementing BittWare ATLANTiS FrameWork for control of I/O, routing, and processing

▪ Up to four ADSP-TS210S TigerSHARC DSPs

▪ BittWare FINe for control plane processing and interface

▪ Front panel I/O including SerDes, Ethernet, RS-23

• Switchless system provides custom backplane to allow direct connection of all AMC boards in chassis

• Switched system provides standard backplane supporting switch fabrics such as PCI Express, 10 GigE, and Serial RapidIO

• Optional Concurrent Technologies processor AMC module (CCT AM 210)

▪ 1.86 GHz Core2 Duo processor

▪ Up to 8 GB DRAM, USB NAND Flash

▪ Optional hard disk and graphics AdvancedMC

• Two hot-swappable cooling units with 100+ CFM of airflow

• MicroTCA carrier hub module (NAT MCH Base 12) for central management and data switching

▪ Optional NAT switch fabric modules for Serial RapidIO, PCI Express, and 10 GigE

▪ Optional SSC Clock module with PCIe clock functionality

▪ Optional telecom clock module

▪ NATview Easy MCH software

• Unique card rail design for easy insertion and removal

• External AC to DC power supply; single power module slot

About BittWare’s AdvancedMC Boards

The MicroTCA development platform is available with up to six BittWare FPGA AdvancedMCs, including:

• S4-AMC, Altera® Stratix® IV GX Reconfigurable AMC

• SP/S4-AMC, Altera® Stratix® IV GX AdvancedMC with four SFP/SFP+

• SF/GX-AMC, Altera® Stratix® II GX AdvancedMC with four SFP/SFP+

• GX-AMC, Altera® Stratix® II GX AdvancedMC

• B2-AMC, Hybrid Signal Processing Advanced Mezzanine Card

Complete Development Support

The MicroTCA Rapid Development Platform comes with BittWare’s BittWorks Tool Suite which provides everything necessary for host and embedded development and consists of:

• Host Interface Library (HIL), a full featured, mature application programming interface (API) which provides a C callable interface to BittWare boards from the host system (connected or remote) to read and write to memory, provide board and processor control, and control interrupts

• BittWare Utilities that includes access control to BittWare devices, a scan for BittWare devices on the network, access control from remote clients, automated host and DSP-based (if applicable) diagnostic tests, low-level debugging, loader for the ATLANTiS FPGA, and a graphing utility for exploring board memory

• BWIO Library which provides a common interface for all supported components, easily supporting new features without API changes, and contains ATLANTiS/DSP/board component drivers, and POSIX-Based I/O (Open, Read,Write, Ioctl, Close)

The MicroTCA Rapid Development Platform is supported by Altera’s Quartus II FPGA tools and ADI’s Crosscore tool suite for application/code development.


The MicroTCA Rapid Development Platform is available in Q4 ‘09. Prices vary by configuration.

About MicroBlade

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