AM 92x/x1x AMC module released by Concurrent Technologies

The, AM 92x/x1x, one of the first AdvancedMCs (AMCs) running quad core 3rd generation Intel Core processors, has been announced by Concurrent Technologies. The AMC.0/.2/.3-compliant single-width SBC includes full hot swap and IPMI functionality, support for two GbE interfaces, and two SATA ports, offering ideal data processing capability for xTCA-based telecommunications applications.

Outfitted with 16 Gb of ECC-protected SDRAM, the AMC also provides an optional onboard SATA flash module, as well as front-panel access to USB, RS232, GbE, and DispayPort connectivity. Leading operating systems Windows Embedded Standard 7, VxWorks, and Linux are among the board’s many supported operating systems (OSs).

The quad-core Intel Core i7-3615QE or i7-3612QE processing options provide support for OpenCL, offering significant performance in compute-intensive applications. The new generation of processors running on the AM 92x/x1x operates on the same power budget as its predecessors while offering a potential 15 percent CPU performance increase.