Acrosser Releases Product Video for COM Express Type 6 Module with Intel Core i7 Processor and QM77 Platform

What makes Acrosser's COM Express Type 6 Module appealing to the Gaming and Automation industry vendors? Take a closer look at Acrosser's latest product video for its single board computer: ACM-B6360 and find out why.

Acrosser embedded COM Express Type 6 Module: ACM:B6360
Acrosser embedded COM Express Type 6 Module: ACM:B6360

ACROSSER Technology, a world-leading embedded single-board computer manufacturer, is pleased to unveil the product video for our COM Express Type 6 module, ACM-B6360. This embedded board features third generation Intel® Core ™ i7 Processor with QM77 chipset, targeting the performance-based niche market. For laboratory device applications, ACM-B6360 is a steady COM-E module that delivers reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Removing and replacing the COM-Express module is a smooth and simple process, making it a popular choice among embedded application. Take the gaming market for example: given the high demand for I/O interfaces, system developers can choose a carrier board with multiple I/O connectors. Developers then have the flexibility to upgrade the module at any time simply by replacing the COM express module on the baseboard, enabling them focus on game development without sacrificing time-to-market.

The two DDR3 SO ECC-DIMM sockets support DDR3 SDRAM, with a memory capacity of up to 16GB. Windows® 7, Windows® XP, LINUX Fedora 14, and Ubuntu 10 are all supported. With support for multiple OSs, ACM-B6360 satisfies the needs of engineers from all industries regardless of the OS they use. Samples are available now, so contact your nearest ACROSSER sales team for a sales quote, or send us an inquiry at one the following websites!

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COM Express Type 6 Module: ACM-B6360