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PICMG Europe Launches Special Marketing Group for CompactPCI in 3U format

PICMG Europe

Zaltbommel, June 7, 2004: On May 18, PICMG Europe held the kick-off meeting for the Special Marketing Group for the 3U CompactPCI format.

The goal of this group is:

"To define and implement a marketing plan for the next 12 months, dedicated to the 3U CompactPCI market in Europe in order to:

� Increase awareness of PICMG Europe as a neutral promoter of the CompactPCI architecture

� Position 3U CompactPCI as a living standard

� Create user-confidence of 3U CompactPCI as a professional standard providing professional solutions."

�This is an important step for PICMG Europe and the 3U CompactPCI market in Europe, because it will team existing suppliers in a coordinated effort,� said Eelco van der Wal, Chairman PICMG Europe. � The 3U CompactPCI market is a market that is alive and well, and is important for Europe. This is different from the US.�

The 3U CompactPCI market is about 30% of the total CPCI market, and is growing at around 9% per year. This is a higher growth rate than 6U formats of both CPCI and VME. The 3U market in VME takes about 10% of the total VME market, which is expected to decline in value overall.

The 3U CompactPCI format is used because it is rugged and small in size. This combination is important in harsh industrial environments where space is limited, especially in avionics, trains, ships, and military applications, as well as in industrial automation..

The 3U CompactPCI format is more powerful than 3U VME, has multiple sources providing a wide range of functionality, and supports (user specific) rear I/O and front I/O. Compared to the PC environment, it provides a higher MTBF and availability, with hot-swap possibilities, longer product life cycles, and low power if necessary.

The modular, 3U CompactPCI industrial computers and systems provide a complete mechanical concept, including EMC, shock, and vibration. It is based on a complete and open bus specification, including EMC and signal aspects.

Mr. Wolfgang Weber of SMA Regelsysteme GmbH was selected as Marketing Group Chairman, with J�rgen Eder of SBS Technologies as Vice-Chairman. The next meeting of the group is planned for October 26, 2004, at the InterCity Hotel, Frankfurt Central Station, Germany.

What is PICMG Europe?

PICMG Europe is a neutral promoter of the CompactPCI technology in Europe.

PICMG stands for PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group. The intent of this manufacturers group is to use the technology and components of the commercial PCI local bus in industrial environments. By making the power of the commercial PCI local bus available for the industrial market, a new level of price/performance is set in the open control architectures.

The definition of the technical specifications is managed my the parent organization in the United States. The European branch office, PICMG Europe, was established in 1997.

The writing of the specifications has, to a large extent, been accomplished. Marketing of the technology and products is the necessary next step. PICMG Europe is a dedicated, independent association for supporting this goal.

By marketing these technical specifications as a group, we are stronger than as a number of individually operating companies. Moreover, users expect from open environments that products from different manufacturers are compatible on the same back panel.


Source: PICMG Europe