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Radisys Announces AdvancedTCA-Based Platform for Blade Server Applications

Radisys Corporation

HILLSBORO, Oreg. — October 20, 2004 — Today, Radisys Corp. (Nasdaq: RSYS), a leading supplier of advanced embedded systems, announced the Promentum™ SYS-6000, an AdvancedTCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture)-based, integrated Linux blade server for use in control plane applications. Based on Intel® Architecture, the Promentum SYS-6000 is the latest in Radisys's AdvancedTCA family and is designed to support TEMs (Telecom Equipment Manufacturers) developing platforms for networks including next-generation call servers, HLR/VLR, authentication servers and SGSNs, among others.

The Promentum SYS-6000 offers the highest density of computing resources available in a standard product platform, allowing TEMs to deliver more functionality in a smaller footprint and at a lower cost. Housed in a12U chassis, the system's integrated shelf management is implemented in software on the switch and enables more slots to be used for revenue generating services. The Promentum SYS-6000 includes chassis interfaces that allow the highest inter-shelf bandwidth for a standards-based, multi-shelf solution in the industry as well as integrated SAN (storage area network) resources. This integrated system functionality makes the Promentum SYS-6000 an ideal platform for TEMs developing storage and compute intensive applications for carrier networks.

"Our common platform approach enables our TEM customers to deliver improved economies of scale, increased application flexibility and velocity, which results in a lower total cost of ownership to their own customers," said Ted Ridgway, vice president of Service Provider and Enterprise Equipment at Radisys. "The flexibility, compute density and inter-shelf bandwidth provided by the Promentum SYS-6000 allows users to offer higher performance, higher density solutions to their customers. Each of these advantages contributes to lower cost, faster time to market and better overall performance."

The Promentum SYS-6000 family includes the following integrated components:

• Promentum™ ATCA-1000: Universal PMC Processing Module, enabling diverse applications such as signaling, softswitches and application media servers to be deployed flexibly using PMCs in different configurations and combinations

• Promentum™ ATCA-2100: Switch and Control Module, accommodating both GbE and Fibre Channel switch fabrics for multiple carrier grade server applications in control, services and management planes

• Promentum™ ATCA-3000: Disk Storage Module, providing high performance Fibre Channel storage

• Promentum™ ATCA-4000: Compute Processing Module, providing high performance general purpose application processing through dual Intel® Xeon™ CPUs

• Promentum™ ATCA-6000: 12U Chassis, providing industry-leading density and enabling three chassis in a standard 42U telco rack

• Promentum™ SYS-6000 ATCA Blade Server Platform software including carrier grade Linux, shelf management and HPI libraries, support for high availability and blade/switch management.

Radisys designed the Promentum SYS-6000 for flexibility and scalability, enabling TEMS to offer their service provider customers a solution for control and user plane applications that scale with service needs. The Promentum SYS-6000's flexibility allows customers to introduce or enhance functions, including SS7 processing, load balancing or security, easily and cost effectively by incorporating new modules into the system. This scalability means TEMs can minimize the incremental network investments necessary to expand services in their customer's networks. The Promentum SYS-6000 provides a more future proof solution that won't require costly fork lift upgrades as service requirements evolve.

"Standards-based platforms featuring Intel processor technology such as Radisys' Promentum line of AdvancedTCA products accelerate time to market at lower cost for Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and their Service Provider customers," said Anthony Ambrose, general manager of Intel's Marketing and Platform Programs. "As a Premier member of the Intel Communications Alliance, Radisys combines significant experience in delivering integrated platforms with standards-based products to help speed deployment of next generation services."

The Radisys Promentum™ SYS-6000

The Promentum SYS-6000 is an integrated carrier grade Linux blade server platform that provides a highly redundant architecture and offers a choice of CPU densities, including single and dual Intel® Xeon™ processors (up to 72 per 42U rack), single, dual or quad Intel® Pentium® III/Intel® Pentium® M processors (up to 144 per 19 inch, 42U rack). The linear scalability and density of processors enables applications to scale nicely with subscriber growth. The Promentum SYS-6000 uses highly integrated common equipment, which saves valuable revenue producing slots. And with 2 Gbps Fibre Channel SAN capability, the platform is ideal for media intensive applications requiring high performance storage. Housed in a 12U chassis, the Promentum SYS-6000 offers a common architecture for 19", 23" and 535mm rack widths, enabling customers to address worldwide requirements with a low footprint platform. And, it is optimized for multi-slot applications.

The Promentum SYS-6000 is equipped with switch capability allowing 8 Gbe uplinks, the highest available in the market, making the platform ideal for building large server systems spanning multiple shelves.

Product Availability

The Promentum SYS-6000 will be available in January 2005.

About Radisys

Radisys (Nasdaq: RSYS) is the leading provider of advanced embedded solutions for the commercial, enterprise, and service provider systems markets. Through intimate customer collaboration, and combining innovative technologies and industry leading architecture, Radisys helps OEMs bring better products to market faster and more economically. Radisys products include embedded boards, platforms and systems, which are used in today's complex computing, processing and network intensive applications.

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