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Corelis Releases New CD Version 7.0 Boundary-Scan Tool Suite

Corelis, Inc.

Cerritos, CA, March 3, 2010 – Corelis, Inc., a leading supplier of high-performance boundary-scan test and measurement tools, announced the availability of the latest version of its powerful ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite. The new Version 7.0 CD now supports FlexNet licensing. Legacy software licenses will continue to be supported; however, all newly issued software and network licenses will utilize FlexNet.

CD improvements include:

• More file manipulation functions incorporated by the TPG scripting engine.

• Test pattern generation support for the Firecron JTS06Bu 6-port JTAG gateway hierarchical device.

• Increased ScanExpress JET Flash programming speeds by up to 33%.

• Support for 64-bit Flash address access.

• New ScanExpress JET processor support for BCM7400, i.MX27, OMAP3530, and PPC603EV.

Current Corelis customers that have a valid maintenance contract can now access the new Version 7.0 CD through the existing support website. To inquire about a maintenance package or to obtain a full list of improvements, please contact Terri Martinez, Maintenance Program Administrator, at (562) 926-6727; or send an email to

As always, Corelis offers free training to its clients so that they may immediately utilize the various new product features and innovations now available. Class schedules and registration information can be found on the Corelis website at:[...].

About Corelis

Corelis, Inc., a subsidiary of Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc., offers bus analysis tools, embedded test tools, and the industry’s broadest line of JTAG/boundary-scan software and hardware products combining exceptional ease-of-use with advanced technical innovation and unmatched customer service. Corelis’ development and test tools are used by companies such as Agilent, Dell, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Qualcomm, Nokia, Panasonic, TI, Ford, Broadcom, Ericsson, and many others. Corelis products are found globally in every industry developing or manufacturing electronic products.

Source: Corelis, Inc.