User Reconfigurable FPGA-Based
RS-422/485 or 32 Channel LVTTL PCIe Mini Board

ALPHI Technology Corporation

PCIe Mini DIO16/32The PCIe-Mini-DIO16/32 is a small form factor PCI Express Mini board that uses an Altera Cyclone® IV FPGA to provide a combination of size and I/O capability that is unique in today’s marketplace.

The PCIe-Mini-DIO16/32 has 32 I/O channels that can monitor or control the on/off (high/low) status of up to 16 RS-422/485 differential devices or up to 32 LVTTL channels. The channels are software selectable in groups of 2. Each channel can be used as either an input or an output.

Input channels can be configured with interrupts to detect a change of state, or level detection of any bit. The RS-422/485 input threshold includes hysteresis for increased noise immunity.

Software support includes Linux®, Windows® and VxWorks® drivers, and C library DLLs.

The PCIe-Mini-DIO16/32 is self-contained – it does not require a separate transition module. Applications for which this board is ideally suited include process control, industrial control, precision instrumentation, data acquisition systems and multiaxis positioning systems.

Digital I/O Specifications

  • Up to 16 channel pairs RS-422/485, or Up to 32 channels LVTTL
  • 20Mb/s data rate per RS422/485 channel
  • Half or full duplex and 120Ω on-board termination, software-selectable
  • High input impedance supports 256 nodes
  • Enhanced ESD protection to ±25kV


  • Size: Mini PCIe Module (30mm x 50.95mm)
  • Front panel I/O (no separate transition module required)
  • Vibration: 0.5G, 20-2000Hz rand
  • Shock: 20G, 11msec, ½ sine
  • MTBF: >250,000 hours

Operating Environment

  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Airflow requirement: 5CFM
  • Humidity: 5 to 90% (non-cond)
  • Altitude: 0 to 10,000 feet

Download PCIe-Mini-DIO16/32 Data Sheet


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