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nVentThese nVent Pigeon Point management components focus on the VPX and ANSI/VITA 46.11 architectures.  Management products address the overall chassis level as well as the individual module or Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) level. These solutions benefit from our years of leadership in specification development and interoperability testing for modular system management, including the development of VITA 46.11-2015.

Chassis management solutions comply with ANSI/VITA 46.11-2015 and use Chassis Management Mezzanines (ChMMs): small mezzanine boards that install in a custom carrier optimized for your chassis architecture. Alternatively, you can license the schematic of the ChMM-700R and integrate that schematic into the design of the board or module that will handle Chassis Manager functions. This ChMM subsystem is pre-loaded with the market-leading Pigeon Point Chassis Manager, producing a ChMM carrier or integrated board or module that implements a Chassis Manager tailored to your chassis, with minimal effort.

The nVent Pigeon Point Board Management Reference (BMR) solution includes schematics, FPGA design and firmware source code, ready for easy and quick integration with your VPX module or other FRU.  This solution leverages Pigeon Point's leadership and history in similar management solutions by including support for two key specifications, HPM.1 and HPM.2. HPM.1 defines an implementation-independent IPMC firmware upgrade architecture universally implemented across AdvancedTCA IPMCs. HPM.2 defines LAN-attached IPMCs that can leverage an existing on-module LAN connection to provide a much faster link for management traffic, augmenting System IPMB.

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