New Line of CompactPCI Serial Modular Enclosures from Pixus Technologies

Pixus Technologies

Pixus offers one of the largest arrays of modular chassis platforms for CompactPCI Serial!


CompactPCI Serial Chassis Open Frame Chassis_removable2


  • For 3U and 6U boards
  • 42 HP Compact versions
  • Open Frame Designs (with or without removable sidewalls)


19” Rackmount 

cPCI-S-Chassis2 6U RiCool OpenVPX Chassis_front



Rugged Rackmount and ATR

19 in rackmount for 3U boards (1) 5-8 ATR_HEX_front angle2


Contact Pixus to discuss your CompactPCI Serial application today!

519-885-5775 (CAN)
916-297-0020 (USA)