Compact PCI Serial System Development Platform

Elma Electronic

Compact-PCICompactPCI Serial architecture supports high-speed data transmission of up to 12 Gb/s and this means excellent computing power for your application. Here are three reasons why end users are beginning to consider cPCI Serial for their next project:

  • High-speed signal processing capability
  • Multi-year field-proven performance
  • A growing ecosystem of board products including a wide array of peripheral boards

With respectable system bandwidths, low cost point and a long and growing reputation for reliable performance in tough environments, cPCI Serial systems are drawing more and more attention from system designers in the embedded community.

To get started in system design, Elma introduces our Type 39 E-Frame cPCI Serial development chassis. The chassis enables desktop development and provides open access for probing and debugging cards during integration and application development. Including a 9-slot backplane and 300W power supply, the system delivers the power and slot count for a wide range of applications. The backplane features a CPU slot, peripheral slots and full mesh Ethernet routing. Rear I/O is supported by the 9-slot rear card cage and high cfm fans ensure cool operating temperatures.

Taking a new board product or system from concept to deliverable requires feature rich development and testing tools. Elma's 3U cPCI Serial test and development platform is the ideal environment for bringing your next project to fruition.


  • 3U 9-slot CompactPCI Serial backplane - Left system slot, 1 X cPCI S.0 CPU slot, 8x cPCI S.0 peripheral slots. Ethernet routed as Full Mesh
  • Optional backplanes including star configurations
  • Low cost 300W ATX power supply for backplane
  • Dedicated 75W power supply for fan power
  • Front and rear transition area fans
  • Fan speed control
  • 12V LED indicator and test point
  • On/Off and reset switch
  • Carrying handle

Elma offers a complete line of cPCI Serial backplanes to broaden your system design options.