Advanced Micro Peripherals Releases XMC 8 Channel Video Frame Grabber

Advanced Micro Peripherals

The AVC8000XMC is a high-performance 8-channel video capture and overlay controller on a single XMC Expansion module. The AVC8000XMC provides a powerful and flexible solution for capturing up to eight concurrent video inputs for local system display or software analysis and processing, ideal for embedded Situational Awareness systems in the most demanding environment.

The AVC8000XMC allows each of the 8 video channels to be captured at full D1 size, all at full frame rate. The captured video data can be streamed continuously to system memory or disk for either immediate local display or further processing. The capture engine of the AVC8000XMC features hardware color space conversion to present the captured video data in the format best suited to the end application.

The AVC8000XMC is a standard compliant single width CMC card using the switched XMC, PCI -Express fabric for maximum performance.

The AVC8000XMC is supported by drivers for Windows and .


  • 8 Live NTSC/PAL/RS-170 video inputs
  • 8 x D1 size capture at full frame rate
  • Windows DirectShow/DirectDraw support
  • Efficient PCI DMA cycle operation
  • Linux Video4Linux support
  • Drivers for Windows, Linux
  • Robust XMC Expansion card
  • Low Power Operation

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