The critical importance of shelf management in AdvancedTCA

System designers have found the AdvancedTCA specification offers options and reliable interoperability among standardized components.

AdvancedTCA (part of the PICMG 3.0 family of specs) is rapidly becoming the standard for carrier-grade systems and other mission-critical operations. AdvancedTCA provides a powerful and flexible architecture for delivering next generation telecommunication services while satisfying the rigorous reliability, availability, and serviceability requirements of the Central Office environment. By enabling the use of interchangeable off-the-shelf components, AdvancedTCA gives service providers and manufacturers the ability to select the best available options to achieve an optimal combination of features, performance, and price, along with the ability to more easily and cost-effectively upgrade and maintain systems in the future. The AdvancedTCA open architecture also allows equipment vendors and system integrators to essentially outsource the development and support of many components and subsystems in order to focus on core competencies and value-added customer solutions.

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