Solving extreme FPGA high-density computing with AdvancedTCA

Articles, Telecommunications: 2007-02-13A new initiative recently authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) teams satellites with earth-bound communications systems to significantly improve coverage and capacity for voice and data communications. The key technology to enable this coexistence is antenna beam forming, which adaptively forms hundreds of data channels from a satellite, while canceling interference from ground communication systems, via a combination of an array of antennas on the satellite and very sophisticated ground-based computational systems. With this new system, very high-bandwidth data or voice services can be directed to an area on the ground and received by mobile terminals, including small handheld devices. This provides a host of new communications services to out-of-the-way places, or after disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

Here Greg outlines how Mercury Computer Systems leveraged AdvancedTCA to enable a high-speed communications infrastructure – one that delivers the massive computing requirements that make this ground-based beam former a reality.

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