Bottle inspection angles for accuracy

A quick look at an CompactPCI ruggedized single board computer application that supports a high level of detection accuracy.

The development of bottle, crate, and can inspection machines requires high technology, information science, and machinery precision to make a reliable automatic testing device. Miho Inspection Systems, Germany, is one of the world's leading companies for inspection technology for bottles and cans.

One of the technologies Miho pioneered was the first linear-motor-driven precision reject system. The company also invented the Maxx machine, which sorts all types of incoming empty crates and bottles onto different conveyors (Figure 1), using a multichannel reject system, in accordance with user-defined criteria. The Maxx system generates protocols recording the quality of the empty bottles and other parameters, providing a detailed overview of crate and bottle status at the start of the fill line. Comprising a camera, mirror, and lighting system, the Miho Vario Optic System creates up to 40 images for each crate from different angles and with different lighting. This approach supports a higher level of detection accuracy for glass or plastic bottles and bottle types. Types include returnable and non-returnable bottles, and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) recycling. Maxx uses an innovative UV fluorescent inspection process, comprehensive enough to detect the shape of neck rings for PET bottles.

Figure 1: On-the-fly bottle inspection. Photo courtesy Miho Inspection Systems.


The Maxx inspection system uses a CPU board from MEN Micro, an F15 3U board (Figure 2) with a 2 GHz Intel Core Duo processor. The ruggedized CompactPCI design meets all applicable environmental standards. For different performance requirements there is a large selection of directly compatible CompactPCI CPU boards available from MEN Micro.

Figure 2: CompactPCI F15 Single Board Computer. Photo courtesy MEN Micro.

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