Applying CompactPCI to an ISDN Emulator

CompactPCI AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA Systems — January 13, 1999

The ever-increasing demand for high data communication bandwidth is driving a growing need for T1 and primary rate ISDN lines and equipment. At the same time, demanding applications such as video conferencing require ever more sophisticated test and emulation.

To fill this rapidly growing need, Merge Technologies Group designed a complete ISDN central office in a box. The standalone, multiprotocol emulator provides multiple T1/PRI interfaces, each with individual configuration control, and is expandable to support other digital subscriber line formats including ADSL, as they are developed. With this new Central Office Emulator System, customers could complete emulate end-to-end and real-time ISDN primary rate calls without a central switch or PBX, thus eliminating the variables and problems inherent in testing over telephone company lines.

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