Extending and enhancing DSP designs through the use of CompactPCI

CompactPCI AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA Systems — September 1, 1998

Articles, Special Feature: Fall 1998Digital signal processing (DSP) applications are a ubiquitous fact of life that have made the digital computer revolution possible. In general, digital data processing is able to maximize its internal performance by isolating itself from the impact of the outside world’s messy analog nature. On the other hand, many signal processing computer systems are specifically designed to help us analyze, monitor, control, or otherwise deal with these real-world problems.

This is where DSP comes into the picture. By living at the edge where the analog world becomes digitally represented, DSP systems provide data processors with their vital, real-time linkages to natural data types. In this article, Tim shows us how to leverage standards-based PCI communications and software without compromising internal DSP data flow.

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