CompactPCI: A natural SHARC DSP platform fulfilling CompactPCI's potential

CompactPCI AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA Systems — August 13, 1997

Without a doubt, CompactPCI is hot. Many industry analysts have praised the bus, and many designers are beginning to adopt it in their embedded-processor designs. The reason behind this proliferation of growing interest is twofold: First, the CompactPCI bus uses the Eurocard industrial form factor; and secondly, the high-performance bus can transfer data at speeds up to 132 MB/sec. This legacy of high performance makes the CompactPCI (CPCI) bus especially attractive for systems using digital signal processors (DSPs). Since DSP systems must often crunch large amounts of data, they require a high-speed I/O bus to feed them input and transfer the outputs ... CompactPCI bus opens opportunities for improving product performance of existing applications, as well as for new DSP designs that demand the premium of superior speed.

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